Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 13th October 2020

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 13th October 2020

This Tuesday there are two oppositions of your ruler Uranus, one with Venus and the other with Mercury that must be watched. In your love affairs you have a good astral cycle in your favor, but avoid exaggerations. You are enveloped by that intimate and passionate tone that captivates you so much, but you must be careful not to be involved in scenes of jealousy or similar due to the retrograde action of your ruler, the planet Uranus. If you said or did something inappropriate, apologize, and period, do not harbor grudges because those kinds of feelings do not lead to anything good nor does it have to do with your humanitarian Aquarian sign. You are at an important moment in your love life in which you must make significant decisions.

Sometimes you tend to make yourself the martyr. You are a hard worker and you surely pride yourself on your discipline and tenacity. But sometimes you take on too many responsibilities and allow others to take advantage. If at this moment you feel overloaded with obligations, say so! The situation will never change if all you do is suffer in silence. Talk about your concerns or ask someone to help you.aquarius daily horoscope 13th october 2020

Do you feel that those close to you complain about an involuntary distancing on your part? Therefore, even if you are very busy, set aside time and attend to yours, forget the phone for a while, dedicate the most beautiful thing you have, your time, to that person you love. Remember the difference between being alone and feeling lonely.

Today your home can be a sad place. A member of the house may leave, and you will surely miss this person very much. The only thing you can do under these circumstances is to make sure everyone stays busy until the absentee returns. One way to distract the family is to have them clean the house in anticipation of a warm welcome.

Today’s horoscope in love matters augurs for Aquarians a day where love will come easily. The positive influence of the Astros will help you communicate in a much more efficient and direct way, this will make your loved ones lower their barriers. On the other hand, in the family sphere, an approach to some relatives will help you to put your family tree in order. This, in turn, will give you a more complete view of your personal history and that of your family.

Finally, the single natives of Aquarius will be driven today by the need to create new emotional ties. They are likely to make new friends outside of their usual circle or to meet someone with whom they are starting a love affair.

If previously you were unsuccessful in staying on a diet and you regain weight after some time now your will is strengthened and you regain all the lost ground. Today you will feel overflowing with affection. It may be a consequence of the positive planetary energy of recent times. Or that you have become aware of the true value of the special people in your life. Do not miss the opportunity to show affection to your loved ones. Bring them a very personal gift, visit them, or tell them how much you love them. For that special person, prepare a romantic dinner.

Your Aquarius health would be much better if you took your diet more seriously. Remember that what you eat is directly responsible for your physical well-being. Your body needs fresh and healthy food, as well as a daily supply of vitamins and minerals, which you may be neglecting. On an emotional level, these days you are not one hundred percent. It is not that you are in low spirits, but rather wanting to start a fight or argument. You have accumulated frustration, and that makes you more susceptible than usual. Finally, Aquarius, today your horoscope predicts a fairly calm day for your health. Simply set clear goals that allow you to improve your quality of life and stick to the plan.

If you are somewhat uncomfortable with your current job position, do things responsibly as your carelessness would cause serious complications and major problems in your employment. You will soon overcome any setback and solve your difficulties. Today you will have a discipline problem with your employees. If you are a boss or a supervisor, you will find that your staff today is not in the mood. It can be challenging to focus people on important tasks. If you can, try to create camaraderie by inviting everyone to a nice lunch. It’s okay to promote friendship, but at the end of lunch, make sure everyone returns to their desks!

Money and Luck
Be guided by your Aquarius intuition, but at the same time do your business with more social tact, avoiding suspicious comments or hurtful words so that your business partners or the people who have to do with you, and money, are not going to be scared especially now that your ruler is retrograde. Aquarius Luck Today

Today circumstances can push you to action, even if you don’t know why. You have the engine running but you don’t know where to turn the steering wheel. Ask your friends for advice; remember that we are all in this together and that other people feel the same as you are feeling. With help, you can get out of any situation well. In the economic field, today’s horoscope predicts for Aquarians an expense derived from the acquisition of material goods. This expense, however, will not hurt your economy, although, on the other hand, it would be convenient for you to think about saving regularly.

On a professional level, your work is far from meeting your expectations. You have seen for a long time that your vocation has nothing to do with your means of earning a living. These thoughts, together with your character, can bring you conflicts with your superiors. We advise you to surround yourself with colleagues and work colleagues who can support you in case of conflict. You don’t want to fight alone against a system that nobody in the company agrees with.

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