Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 1st December 2020

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 1st December 2020

Uranus, though retrograde, is making fabulous trills with Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, and Venus. Your aura is wrapped in a seductive tone that attracts love and good looks from everyone. This influence also extends to your friends and the people around you. Take advantage of this cosmic energy that surrounds you at the beginning of December to fill yourself with joy and share it with your loved ones. A good economic opportunity will present itself in a meeting with an influential person, which you should take advantage of since you are now in the middle of a financial effervescence with Uranus in two important planetary trines.

Today’s astral configuration begins a new cycle that should concern your search for identity. During the following days, you will no doubt have to put into words what you are, and no doubt goes through a few acts of affirmation to give reality to these words … After all the questions of the previous days, he was Time!aquarius daily horoscope 1st december 2020

This Tuesday, December 1, the warmth of your relationships gives you the impetus to overcome your fears and proves their strength. However, it would be good to give yourself more time for yourself, in peace. Give yourself a little wellness break. The art of the verb has no more secrets for you and you are in full possession of your means to express yourself with kindness, sincerity, and good humor. Your discussions will be relevant and will not fail to make an impression.

The influence of Venus associated with your ruler, Uranus, this Tuesday when the Moon is in your sign creates an air of freedom in your relationship, this is the time of seduction and intimacy, a great day to enjoy the company of your loved ones, and if you do not have a partner you will feel good, there will be nothing to cloud your happiness.

You will not always feel in tune with those around you and with the events, you will be facing today. In fact, this comes largely from you because you will be particularly divided on many subjects and your emotions are often likely to take over! So give more room to reason and do not let yourself be destabilized by a few fleeting magnetic storms! As a couple: Your couple is on a special day when anything can happen. But that’s good. You motivate yourself to see your duo in a new light and you welcome with open arms new, spicy ideas that will make you revel in this very naughty day. Single: A new wind is blowing in your direction. What you want is to break the routine, revisit old relationships, and create a dynamic and open attitude.

Take care of your diet, Aquarius, as your digestive system may be suffering from certain excesses. You must maintain an adequate regimen so as not to delay what you have managed to gain with so much physical effort on your part.

Today you will feel that the energies of creation are within your reach. You may want to go see an author’s film about which you have heard a lot, an artistic feat, a writer who makes a dedication, etc. These creations inspire you, certain subjects, in particular, fascinate you. Do not hesitate to let yourself be seized by these energies which will develop your own imagination and your general culture. Feed your mind.

A word of warning: Uranus is still retrograde and square to the Moon. You do not want to leave your current job. If you notice that a routine job starts to get boring, before making impulsive decisions, review your daily schedule well, make the necessary adjustments and wait a bit, keep what you have, it will be better when Uranus is direct. For those who continue their professional activities: Looking for a professional activity, everything succeeds you today, so do not take the time to rest. Submit your application spontaneously for positions that interest you, you may be surprised at the impact. There are good opportunities to be seized in the outside world.

One thing is for sure, you don’t like routine! You will dream of wide-open spaces and freedom all day long. In the office, you’ll be spinning like a caged lion, and you’ll have a hard time supporting your work obligations. All occasions are good for getting away from it all. Take your pain patiently! After work, long live freedom! Go on an adventure and treat yourself to a short jog in the park or a long walk in the forest! Rejuvenate to the fullest!

Money and Luck
Due to the good influence of Jupiter in triumph with your ruler Uranus, your hunches will help you find numbers in fair contests, competitions, and games. Follow your hunches. Again your dreams will help you. An intuitive touch on the chance moves money to your horoscope. You have clear ideas and you easily work in different spheres. This allows you to benefit from varied exchanges with efficient partners. Profits will pile up quickly because you are earning a lot more than you are spending right now.

Today’s planetary combinations suggest you consider having a little fun. Invite your friends over for dinner or lunch. You will be sociable and open to the presence of others. Tell the jokes the best you can, express your humor for everyone to enjoy. You are now capable of your best performances in public! In any situation, you will know how to make yourself noticed by your wit and your happy mood. What a formidable seducer!

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