Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

A lot of energy directed towards work and the relationship on this day. You just have to overcome the influence of Saturn in your 1st house since your ruler has you these days with a very pessimistic and demanding attitude. To be able to enjoy with others you have to open yourself to joy, otherwise you will only see everyone pass by very happy without participating.

It is a day of a lot of work activity, you need to pay special attention to how you handle stress since the increase in work can mean an increase in stress as well. In the romantic there are very good opportunities today to connect with others, if you give yourself the opportunity and stop criticizing everything that comes along. Although the first impulse is not to go out and stay at home, I recommend that you give yourself permission to connect with others since the reward is very good.

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Venus is currently connected to the Part of Fortune, which will give you a great boost of energy for this area of your life. Things have been a bit off due to this very planet lacking strength in the sign of Virgo, but with the positive influence it is receiving it is a great time to connect with your significant other. Take the initiative and give him a pleasant surprise, he will appreciate it and that will give him the opportunity to have a pleasant evening. Pretty tense atmosphere at home! You will be nervous and irritable. A trifle can put you in all your states. You will always find fault, and you will have no patience with your children. Try to be cooler.

Today is a great day to connect with others. The Moon is in the ruling sign, Cancer, in the house of Love, so it is an excellent day to connect intimately with others. The Moon also rules memory so it is possible that you remember a relationship from the past with which you would like to make a new attempt. If you can get his number do it.

Jupiter, the most beneficial planet in the solar system, will watch over your life as a couple today. Influencing the sector of life for two, in conjunction with Venus, Jupiter promises you a day blessed by the gods on the marital level. Single, with the Sun influencing your couple sector, it is one of the best days of the year, on the sentimental level, which is coming up. The configurations have a high chance of resulting in an important encounter.

The Sun is in the 6th house, associated with illness. So issues of solar problems can happen in this period. The Sun rules all kinds of diseases in which the temperature rises like a fever. So you have to take great care of your body temperature and keep yourself properly hydrated.

The Sun also tells us about dryness, so there may be issues where you feel that you lack saliva. This energy becomes stronger due to the presence of Saturn in your 1st house, that of your body. So you have to be careful and not trust yourself because you can dry it up internally. Meals will no longer suit you because your digestive system will have reached its limits. Be reasonable. Control your gluttony and set up a program of sports activities.

There is a lot of energy at work, the Sun is in Leo in the house of repetitive and demanding work, so this is a period when you are going to feel a lot of pressure at work. This can be positive as things had been too quiet lately as well. But on this day you can feel the pressure building with different activities popping up simultaneously.

You have the ability to solve them, you just need to focus well on what you need to do. Wait a few more days to undertake large projects. You will then have the lucidity necessary to carry out delicate operations. You will also be able to obtain significant financial support.

Money and Luck
At this time finances require discipline and proper control as things can seem too good than they really are due to the influence of Neptune, who makes us trust the area of life in which it is located. Before making an expense, try to review and make serious accounts of when you expect to be able to pay it, since it is easy to overspend with this influence. Jupiter, the ruler of this house, is not in good condition either, so you have to be careful when investing.

The present astral configuration will have no effect on your finances if you manage your budget correctly. But, otherwise, you risk seeing your situation momentarily shaken by the consequences of past mistakes. If this is the case, you will not have thirty-six solutions: this time, it will be necessary to settle correctly, and if possible definitively, the problem.

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