Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 11th November 2020

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 11th November 2020

Your ruler, Uranus, retrograde in the sign of Taurus is in a planetary trine with the South Node of the Moon. Do not make promises that you know well you will not be able to fulfill nor do you get into complicated circumstances that could be economically unproductive Aquarian. Act within a prudent framework and you will have nothing to regret. Put your imagination to work and invent interesting and novel things when it comes to intimacy. It is your night to fully enjoy life and your secret charms. Do not leave anything for tomorrow, today Wednesday is your day of conquest.

Because of the surrounding tensions, you will find it difficult today to take advantage of the situation. However, don’t get upset because that won’t help matters. Avoid stimulants, reduce coffee, tea. Your mental effervescence will harmonize more easily. A change in your friend’s life is brewing. Your adaptability is your greatest asset. A breath of sovereign freedom pushes you to go beyond your limits. Do it with discernment!aquarius daily horoscope 11th november 2020

A situation that began as the friendship deepens and your love dates are more frequent. Take advantage of the occasions to delve into the feelings of the other person and analyze if now you are really interested in formalizing this relationship and take appropriate measures in this regard.

You easily blame your loved ones when their choices do not match your outlook. So you try to manipulate them so that they change their mind, but that doesn’t necessarily work. In a Relationship: You are a little too bossy sometimes and your partner will have a hard time putting up with it today. You do not manage to express your requirements calmly so choose solitude if it is necessary, it will give you time to think and release any tensions.

Single: Don’t pay attention to those who go out of their way to be seen. You will be more comfortable with a discreet and sincere person, but to discover this kind of person, you will have to take the first step. Your talents as a seducer will be more effective if you are protective. If you are one of the married natives who have been going through a difficult phase for some time, things will be decided today. For some, there will be a great explanation, perhaps a little violent, but which will make it possible to rectify the situation and to start again on a good basis. Others, on the contrary, will choose separation or rupture. For those who are alone, the day will have a good chance of being marked by a very important meeting, which will probably lead to a marriage or a life together.

Maintain a very awake attitude when you are driving your vehicle or walking through busy streets and traffic as you are somewhat prone to accidents caused by distractions associated with the double impact of your ruler Uranus and Mercury retrograde. Stay alert at all times and you will avoid problems. Thanks to Pluto, you will be in dazzling shape. Less affected by fatigue than ever, you will spark. Undertake gentle gymnastics or yoga exercises to relax you as much as possible.

In this period of confinement, we are temporarily leaving aside the leisure section. Indeed, it does not seem responsible for us to encourage you to go out or to exercise a sport in a group. It’s a good time to read the books that are sleeping on your shelves, to rediscover board games with your family, to watch your favorite movies again, to bake or make crafts. Stay at home as much as possible, take care of yourself and others. Good luck to all!

To obtain quality results you must use the best products, equipment, and ingredients. If you want to do a good job today, you should start by choosing the most appropriate before doing a delicate and difficult activity. At work, you will have an annoying tendency to be hesitant, to weigh the pros and cons for too long before taking any resolution. In these conditions, it will be very difficult for you to move forward, and you risk, at the same time, to miss interesting opportunities. So, do not hesitate to do violence to yourself and seize the opportunities that arise. You will see, you will not regret it!

For those who continue their professional activities: You must focus on practical topics and you must surely negotiate a new contract, whether in your current job or not. If you have a business, you will be asked for new associations.

Money and Luck
If you need money, you will soon be receiving news that will tell you what best to do to attract the prosperity you deserve into your life, although certain things still take a little time due to the existing retrograde movements, they will soon be overcome. Aquarius Luck Today

You can’t afford the best so you’d rather not acquire anything just yet. Your mood and stubbornness will probably prevent you from smiling, but at least you will avoid bankruptcy. Look at it on the bright side. Take advantage of this aspect of the Moon, to seriously consider the management of the family budget. The good day also for carrying out an important real estate transaction.

Family and Friends
Your home is likely to be the scene of profound changes. Among other things, you may need to move. Your spouse, your children, or your other relatives will be of great help here, and the family atmosphere will be very cheerful.

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