Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 18th July 2018

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 18th July 2018

The intensity that produces the current lunar transit makes you bold in your words and actions. You start a week a little more jealous and possessive of the account and this could cause you emotional setbacks are your partner, friends or co-workers. Do not make ideas based on appearances.

Love is touching your heart, but if you act in a crazy way you could spoil what you have gained so far. Control those impulses before opening your mouth to say something imprudent. You will be reconsidering a work position.aquarius daily horoscope wednesday 18th july 2018

You are impulsive, wanting to do many things and not knowing exactly where to start. The best? Let the rhythm of life flow smoothly. An important meeting is approaching in your love life that will positively mark your coming week. An appointment, a social gathering, will be very promising and successful for you.

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On this Wednesday, with the Moon in an earth sign making aspects with your ruler Uranus in the fire element, you tend to become somewhat imprudent and that does not suit you, Aquarian. The most appropriate for you is to follow a norm of life, do your exercises and combine your food with the activity.

If the need has forced you to be in an unattractive type of activity for you, take it as a temporary transition, something that is mandatory at this time to overcome current problems, but does not conform and follows your dreams. Soon you will be where you want.

Money and Luck
Certain economic issues can cause family disagreements. There are opinions meetings associated with a money. You must be prudent and not say what you think right away because you could face opposition and finally not solve anything. It is not an ideal day for discussions because those around you may not be paying attention.