Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 20th July 2022

The presence of Mercury and the Sun in the house of Virgo will incline you to offer your service to the most needy in society, these actions will feed your spirit. Jupiter in Pisces facilitates a high level of empathy for you. Today you will manifest a great sense of personal duty, since Saturn is in the 1st house. This influence will transmit to you a very serious and committed personality, which will make you express yourself with great constancy and rigor.

You are more of the passionate type, and your convictions quickly turn into certainties. As a result, you find it difficult to go back on your opinions, and you can easily be obtuse and deaf to the arguments of others. If your spouse is of the same ilk, it’s no surprise that you take the cabbage regularly! You would benefit from putting a little water in your wine. Be flexible today. and tomorrow!

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wedn...
Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd August 2022

With Venus in the 7th house, the couple’s relationship will be blessed, the bond will be impregnated with love, flattery and expensive gifts. They will experience very comfortable moments together, showing love to each other. Today you could be closing cycles with a friend. Keep in mind that sometimes people come into our lives to teach us something and once the mission is accomplished they can leave our lives.

Today you are in a creative mood. And this creativity can be expressed in all areas. Your garden could be the scene of your experiments, to say the least original. Or it will be the interior of your house. Or, you will embark on graphic attempts on your personal computer. In any case, the result will be colorful and unevenly appreciated by your loved ones! The beautiful aspect of Saturn will favor projects undertaken with loved ones. You will overcome all obstacles. If you work with your partner, you will achieve great success.

The North Node in the 5th house will keep this area of life, that of romance, very active. You will be experiencing as many relationships throughout your life depending on the level of learning in each relationship. This node requires maturity when building your links, that is learning. And the universe will take care of repeating the situations as many times as necessary for your learning.

In the field of seduction, you probably have nothing more to learn. Under the aegis of the stars, the atmosphere becomes velvety and you fill up with admirers. In fact, your personal relationships give you many successes and it is urgent to cultivate the effects of your charm in a different way. Start efforts in this area today.

Your spouse or partner just has to behave: slippers, TV evenings, Sundays with the family… all that will no longer be enough for you! As you are not lacking in imagination, you are trusted to surprise the other and succeed in giving new impetus to your couple. Single, for your future couple, this will be the moment of truth. You will want to know everything about your partner: family background, social origins, favorite hobbies and sports, musical and cultural tastes, etc. It is likely that in doing so, you will discover many things in common.

The presence of the Sun in the 6th house can generate a limited or low vitality, it is recommended that you stay active with some physical activity, from yoga to walking or swimming to activate an energy level. You have so much energy right now that it’s unthinkable to imagine that you couldn’t achieve your goals. Despite everything, expect small technical problems that will put a spoke in your wheels today.

Without necessarily completely changing course, you could still be forced to make some changes to your plans. Here are the advices of Venus at the moment: move, play sports, multiply physical activities. This will be essential to eliminate toxins and avoid clogging your arteries. Also watch your diet; nothing like it to prevent cardiovascular disorders.

With the presence of Mercury in the house of work, you will be very focused on planning goals. You can perform in various areas of knowledge, in communication or in commerce, and financial resources will be very beneficial. You are likely to encounter a conflict with a colleague or a superior today.

Moreover, the atmosphere of this day will revive your desire to work independently! If you have to team up with someone on a project, you won’t get any pleasure from it yet. Try to keep the project running smoothly! You must communicate your concerns positively and clearly. You will be caught in the crossfire in your trade. On the one hand, Jupiter promises you the support of luck. On the other hand, Pluto may cause some difficulties. This planet will increase your ambition and push you to fight hard to get what you want.

Money and Luck
The influence of Neptune in the 2nd house does not make it easy for you to maintain your interest in material or financial life, so you will show yourself indifferent in this area, this could cause you to be involved in some financial scam, so you must be very attentive at the time. to sign contracts.

As a native of Aquarius, your ideas abound today! Your creativity will be increased tenfold and will help you carry out your projects. You will certainly want to meet new people, travel or open your mind to wider knowledge. But try to keep your feet on the ground, however, and don’t let reality escape you!

Neptune will be the accomplice of the players. Bet, roll the dice: you will have excellent chances of winning. But don’t go so far as to play your shirt off. Do not accept dangerous challenges. Don’t forget to check your lucky number.

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