Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 25th November 2020

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 25th November 2020

Your ruler, Uranus, as you know is still retrograde and today Wednesday is in opposition to Mars (that is, in an aspect of 180 degrees), Do not be impatient, Aquarius, you know how to wait and this is the best thing you can do if you still do not have in your hands what you want. Fortunately, the influence of the Jupiter trine, direct, with Uranus, neutralizes certain complicated aspects of the current transit of your ruler. Sentimentally, do not let this day escape without reaffirming your love and telling the person you love how much you care and the dreams and aspirations you have to live them together. Your words will be well received and will find receptive ears.

You are curious and mischievous in the ideal proportions. Today, you may learn information that will keep you going and fuel your conversations for months. He could be a good friend of the “globetrotter” type who has just discovered a distant land. Unless it is your uncle from America who reappears after 20 years of silence! It’s a day full of surprises that awaits you. Your self-confidence is on the rise. Truths come to light with someone you know. A physical weariness is felt, you would need rest and a change of air while waiting, you should seek relaxation.aquarius daily horoscope 25th november 2020

This Wednesday when there are trines of two direct planets, Jupiter and Venus, with your ruler Uranus, in an aspect of 120 degrees, turn more to your inner being, listen to the voice of your heart. What you do today with your love life will allow you to grow internally and strengthen your relationship if it was somewhat unstable.

Keep a low profile today. There is an atmosphere of melodrama around you. Under the influence of the stars today, emotions are unleashed and the exchanges are virulent! Better to maintain a detached attitude as much as possible. Think about positive situations that will make you smile again. Don’t let other people’s negative vibes get to you! Everything will be fine if you know how to preserve yourself.

You will try by all means to please others, it is your Saint-Bernard side! You can’t help it. Despite everything, you will have to deal with each other’s moods but everything will be fine. In a Relationship: You will do your best to make your partner feel good. If you have to make an effort about your character you will, you are determined to make a difference. Your resolutions are welcome. Single: If lately, you had decided to stop looking for true love, you change your mind and set out again to conquer a soul mate. Something prompts you to do it and you are not wrong.

This Wednesday is to fully recover and not to be overwhelmed with what you can not solve or be doing work at home. Do not expose yourself uselessly to the elements, take care of yourself.

Today you will finally regain your alertness and natural enthusiasm. Lately, since you weren’t at 100% of your ability, you didn’t really feel like stepping outside. But today is different, you feel the energy and strength of a bionic woman! Luckily, your insight will help you see things clearly and move in the right direction.

It is very likely that tomorrow Wednesday there will be surprises in your workplace. You will discover new sources of income in additional jobs outside of your normal hours that will help you notably in this season that is already beginning with the Christmas and end of the year holidays.

You might be very busy today, jumping from task to task, from a date to a business lunch. In short, everything you like, basically. But as always when the pace accelerates beyond reason, the danger of making mistakes quickly returns. If you can check each of your files again, that’s fine, but it might be time to consider delegating a bigger part of your work to someone … And where is this hidden gem?

Money and Luck
You can make a concrete plan to pay off your debts and catch up on your payments. You will achieve results and prosperity in less time than you thought. There is a touch of abundance in your environment that will manifest itself in these final weeks of 2020. Aquarius Luck Today

It’s a good day to clarify your current financial situation. It’s time to sit down and do your accounts using your checkbooks! Sometimes you spend more money than you realize, so you need to be clear about your spending habits. With a little discipline, you could save a lot of money. Of course, for that, you would have to be determined … What are you waiting for to motivate yourself?

The present lull is ideal for thinking about your material future in-depth, and in the long term. Indeed, the atmosphere of this day stimulates your clairvoyance and your common sense, do not hesitate to dig into your ideas which affect your finances. For those who continue their professional activities: Your mind can be called upon importantly. You have a great ability to react quickly, but you might feel a little overwhelmed by excessive demands. You react very positively.

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