Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 26th September 2018

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 26th September 2018

If you expect an answer you will be amazed at the good response, and if what you have in mind is a wedding, marriage or free union this will be your time to do it. Do not be influenced by pessimistic comments. You are in a tone of reconciliation, take advantage of it and you will do very well in the future. If the loved one is away from you, you will have encouraging news.

There are destabilizing waves in the place where you work and you could be feeling those influences in your life. Do not get carried away by that negative vibration because everything that will happen will happen in your time, and you can solve it to satisfaction. Something you considered a hobby begins to give you money and becomes an additional lucrative job.

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You know how to talk in a logical and based manner, but sometimes you go around the bush and say everything, except what you should say, something that in this period, by the retrograde influence of your ruler, Uranus, tends to accentuate.

If you feel heavy in the eyes, irritation or similar discomfort try to practice visual relaxation exercises. You may be spending too much time behind the computer and this may be causing eyestrain.

Today is one of those days when your work shows its fun and cheerful phase. You will feel happy performing your tasks and at the same time nothing boring. There is a climate of tolerance, joy and respect around you which is very positive.

Money and Luck
You are feeling a kind of premonition or feeling about the possibility of receiving money soon. If so, rejoice because your intuitions are fine-tuned and these hunches can become reality and receive pleasant surprises.