Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 28th October 2020

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 28th October 2020

There is an astral panorama this Wednesday that we should not overlook because it is an opposition between your ruler Uranus, retrograde, with the Sun while the Moon transits through a sign of the fire element, very similar to yours, which is air. If you live a happy love relationship, do not hinder it by bringing up past comparisons of finished romances. It is possible that due to the action of your ruler Uranus in the trine with the South Node in Taurus you will be tempted to do so under the heat of an argument that you would later regret. On this Wednesday, several interesting things will be projected in your sentimental panorama that will be reversed in economic and work achievements during these next final days of the last quarter of 2020.

If you are in a relationship, you will want to follow your partner with your eyes closed. If you are single you will be interested in mysterious and intuitive people who can understand you better than anyone, without a doubt this Christmas you could find your perfect partner. In economic matters, Saturn will help you maintain a good organization, sometimes you get lost in your dreams and miss certain opportunities that could be good business.aquarius daily horoscope 28th october 2020

At this stage you must act with a lot of social tact, choosing the words that you are going to use when interacting with others, especially as of tomorrow when Mercury will go retrograde. The doors of love are opening in your heart and you must go through them, do not worry, everything is happening suitably, all you have to do is flow with the current of life.

Your creative nature will no longer be repressed! As you take a look at your house, you realize that you feel the need to spruce it up a bit. Motivated by the desire to organize meetings and invite your family who lives far away to visit you, you start painting, wallpapering, and even sending that old sofa upholstered. The result will be fantastic. You will be very proud.

If your loved ones didn’t know anything about your life, they might wonder if you haven’t come back from your honeymoon because you are so overflowing with love and affection. You only dream of snuggling up in your partner’s arms or sharing moments of complicity with him. It is obviously Venus who is your umbrella today and her signs do not deceive … The little spark that shines in your eyes either! Take the opportunity to surprise your partner with a little attention or a moment that will spice up your daily life.

If you have recently gained weight, you will need to cut out some foods that you like a lot from your diet to achieve the health goals you aspire to. Today you will feel as if you have the fire under your feet no matter where you stand. People and situations will prompt you to act. You will find that any discussion you have will be heavily charged with emotions. However, be careful that they are not based on the wrong information. It could be that there is a big misunderstanding that needs to be cleared up.

You will feel in the Olympic form and overflow with an energy that you will have a hard time channeling. Indeed, Mercury enters the IV house and makes you benefit from its beneficial inflows. If you are a successful athlete, you may see your training paid off by performing that will exceed your expectations. Be careful, however, to remain cautious and not to overestimate yourself otherwise you will have to be faced with some unforeseen events that could ruin your ambitions.

Focus very well on what you are doing-especially if you work with delicate equipment. There is a scattering tone in your environment caused by the retrograde transit of your ruler Uranus in opposition to the Sun during these days that could be the cause of some type of minor accident if you do not follow the existing regulations in this regard to the letter.

Today’s general energy will suit your personality well. Take the opportunity to present your ideas to the world. Make your voice heard, and use it vigorously and forcefully. Your friends and co-workers are eager to hear what you have in mind. Engage in discussions – you will learn a lot about yourself and others.

Money and Luck
Your Aquarian sign is now on what is called the path of development and prosperity and in a few days you will be receiving very pleasant news associated with money that has not just arrived, but that is happily already on its way and you will begin to see it materialize. Aquarius Luck Today

You are overwhelmed by constant restlessness because you have not yet fulfilled your destiny. Your intuition suddenly tells you that your purpose in this life is more transcendental than what you do right now. Analyze the idea to determine the action you must take in pursuit of that great inner desire. The ideal time to put ambitious long-term goals into action.

The influence of Mars on your sign indicates that you have decided to embark on a crazy adventure. You finally apply for the job of your dreams by betting on the nerve and show your motivation. In the office, it’s a war to get the important file of the moment. You do not give up and fight against your colleagues to get this mission. You know how crucial your success is for your future within your company. Even if it means appearing aggressive in the eyes of others, your determination remains unwavering.

Family and Friends
Those who have brothers and sisters will feel a lack. Brotherhood is very important to you. You will know how to find solutions to find them as quickly as possible. At home, the dialogue goes wonderfully. If you have kids, they’ll want to spend time with you, a little more than usual. Creative hobbies, board games, a stroll in the park, or even a sporting activity, you will choose together what appeals to you the most. They will keep beautiful memories of these moments.

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