Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 2nd December 2020

The planetary trines of Uranus that are occurring today, Wednesday, the day of the transit of Jupiter to the earth element, are revolutionizing everything in your Aquarian sign. The predominant tone is one of the surprises, the unexpected and unknown is what can happen. That is why it is important that when unforeseen situations occur you have the alternative to be able to do something different if what you are doing does not work. In love, it is time to change certain attitudes that may have been undermining the trust between the two of you. The unpredictable is the order of the day, Aquarian especially today Wednesday that a trine is happening between Jupiter and Uranus.

Frustration will overwhelm you a bit today. You have a thousand things to do and you are still at home. For now, your responsibilities are centered around the home and the situation will not change. But you could have a breather without much effort. One of these nights, enjoy a splendid prepared dinner at home, followed by a classic sentimentality. This will certainly lift your spirits.aquarius daily horoscope 2nd december 2020

This is the perfect time to vibrate to the cosmic rhythm and today is one of those days, very positive for love. Surprise her with an unexpected invitation or present that shows your interest in her, or him. The influence of the Jupiter transit vibration on this day inspires feelings of freedom in you.

This is a good day to show your crush how much you care. There is powerful planetary energy stimulating your feelings of passion and affection. You will plan a romantic dinner with your partner. You will share an intimate conversation with a glass of good wine and a tasty meal. You will build a stronger bond between the two of you as you speak freely from the heart. Don’t hide behind your shyness! Today be a romantic fool.

What would happen if you left overnight without telling your partner? This is the question many natives of the sign are asking themselves today, so much do they have the impression of not counting for their spouse. With Mars in this aspect, you are entering a period of doubts and questioning. If you manage to disentangle your fears from the realities of your relationship, this process will be very beneficial to you. Single, you face a feeling of emptiness and loneliness which should, upon the departure of Mars, subside.

Good time to go thinking about your next vacation keeping in mind the environmental conditions. Try to turn your rest time into something beneficial for your health, a natural place such as the field or the beach is excellent.

You may find yourself in a slow and steady course of discipline that understands an older and more traditional way of looking at things. Suddenly, however, you are struck by an aggressive force that prompts you to do things differently. The more you try to resist this force, the more likely you are to feel friction and tension in your life. Open your arms and embrace this new energy that will bring you an extremely positive effect.

Wasted effort. Between sport and you, it’s war. However, regular activity remains essential to maintain good health. When you run, you are short of breath. When you walk, you are exhausted. Now that you are swimming, you have the feeling of suffocation. The missing adrenaline rush is soon coming to your skies. Supplied on spring, Mars has decided to clean up all your sporting prejudices. Accompanied by your other half or your circle of friends, you will find your way on the path of motivation.

Due to the retrograde transits of Uranus this Wednesday some unclear scenarios may happen. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to call the attention of an irresponsible coworker who is causing problems at your job and directly affecting you. Do it on time and you will not hurt yourself.

Today you will have unusual luck in business. Perhaps you will receive good news about a promotion or promotion. You will finally get a positive response for working so hard. Try to use this opportunity to your advantage. You could negotiate a salary increase. Or you could ask for some extra benefit at work. The limit is the sky.

Money and Luck
There is a movement of economic recovery, and the money that a friend, associate, or distant relative owes you for so long will soon reach your hands and you will have it at the most appropriate time when you need it most and you can use it better. Aquarius Luck Today

Today you can catch the mood of other people. Maybe you have friends who want to include you in a group event. You may be going to see a sports competition or a wrestling exhibition. You will enjoy hanging out with friends today. Allow their energies to encourage you. Put aside your worries and enjoy the moment. Do some “friendship therapy” today!

A communication problem could well arise today. Your account is once again “in the red” and your banker asks you for explanations. Beware of excessive words! You will have all the trouble in the world to make yourself understood. However, you will be dealing with a very uncompromising person. If possible, it is safer to delay this interview for a few days. Take the time to better prepare your defense and to weigh your every word.

Family and Friends
You feel pushed aside by your best friends. Your imagination is playing tricks on you. Don’t react too quickly out of anger or anxiety. Talking is always the best solution in this kind of situation. In your home, it is not a great form either. You keep everything to yourself and it weighs on you. Talk about your problems and feelings. Those around you will help you find the solutions you need to re-bond the strong bonds that unite you.

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