Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 31st July 2019

This is the cycle of sentimental surprises for you, Aquarian. Maybe a proposition of who you least think or a job offer. Open your eyes and ears and do not miss any opportunity since fortune is smiling at you right now.

Follow your hunch, but do not embark on any type of activity for which you are not well prepared and reflect before deciding. Check your accounts and you can discover hidden expenses. You will save money and have more resources to buy you the necessary items and make smart investments.

During these two days, you are at a high point of your sensuality that is accentuated by the passionate action of the Moon in transit towards the fire element. If you take advantage of them you will deepen your intimate life and you will even start making plans for a kind of “mini-honeymoon”.

If you have been suffering from nervous or stomach disorders today you feel better. At this time any medication you use will give optimal results and you will recover. The nature of your Aquarian sign will help you to restore.

Your presence will give you points in an interview that will determine the possibility of giving you a new well-paid job responsibility and a promotion in your employment. It is important to always have a pleasant presence because not only do you feel better yourself but you attract good eyes towards yourself.

Money and Luck
Do not rush. Wait for a little before making a new investment, particularly if it is a house or a vehicle. There will be better offers and you can get more advantages. Analyze well all the proposals that are presented and do not get involved by inquisitive sellers.


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