Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 9th December 2020

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 9th December 2020

With the double influence of the Moon and your ruler Uranus, you are on the threshold of an important change in attitude that will be very positive for you. In these moments you manage to end a negative relationship that has only caused you headaches and emotional torments, it may have been sentimental, but also work and even a friendship that really was not. All genuine loving feelings are founded on esteem and respect, without those qualities it collapses and that is something you will learn from your own experience.

Something or someone has stoked your fire today. Take advantage of this energy boost to let your true nature shine through. There is a lot of information out there. You will discover that even though your emotions are a bit fanciful, they are strong and courageous. Hold them tight and don’t let them go. Tonight you will have a sensational adventure.aquarius daily horoscope 9th december 2020

Your eyes speak a secret language that only those who love to understand, Aquarian. Lovers understand each other better when they are silent and look into each other’s eyes because in them there is no deception but rather a mischievous and almost innocent complicity. A sustained and deep look reveals the inner world of the loved one.

Today is a good day to examine your ambitions. You must consider what it is you really want from life to set goals and realize your dreams. Often, achieving them may require something as simple as making the right decision and taking the first step. For example, if you dream of finding the ideal partner and you are with someone who is not, the most practical decision would be to end that relationship. Fear, worry, and lack of confidence do not allow you to get out of stagnation.

As a couple, you enjoy life together without worrying about the hassles that punctuate your daily life. Say goodbye to petty quarrels over trivial matters, arguments over your respective families, the tension when the other receives a professional phone call in the middle of the evening… These inglorious moments of your couple are erased in favor of complicity and listening. Single, you start to really enjoy your daily life alone and even forget to think about settling in!

Have you had any recent health situation? The chances of recovery are high if you follow your plans and therapies consistently and do not jump from one method to another or constantly change doctors or health experts.

Today is the beginning of a new cycle in your relationships. You will feel strong feelings for those you love and you will feel the need to connect with them. The keys of the day are intimacy and closeness, so express your feelings and share wonderful moments with your loved ones or friends.

You haven’t felt this good for a long time. The harmony that reigns between Mars and Saturn gives you unfailing energy and dynamism. Take advantage of this advantageous astral climate to challenge yourself, try different approaches in your work, and explore unknown horizons. Be careful, however, not to want to do too much, you risk exhausting yourself in a vacuum and losing the benefit of everything you have undertaken.

If you are unemployed and somewhat sad thinking that your situation is complicated because the desired job has not yet arrived, do not waste your time regretting it because with that you do not solve anything. Fortunately, you are about to improve your working conditions and even make a qualitative leap in them. These obstacles may be caused by Uranus retrograde, something that will soon be fixed.

Don’t get hung up on trivial issues that need attention today at work. Instead, try to keep a broader look at the issue. You will see that it really does not matter much if these small projects are completed today or later in the week. Clear them out of your head so you can turn your attention to more pressing issues. Your superiors may be taking note of how you handle this situation; do not ruin it!

Money and Luck
Go to the places where there are movement and money. Follow your intuitions and you will have a touch of fortune that will increase your income. There is nothing worse than inertia or fatalism when things don’t go the way you want them to and that doesn’t go with the nature of your Aquarius sign. Aquarius Luck Today

Today you will have imagination and intuition at its peak. Trust your hunches, especially when it comes to money or new projects. Intuitions will haunt your consciousness, but you will need to meditate deeply to understand their message. To achieve this, discard logical thinking, it is better to let the ideas arise alone. Then use logic to decide what to do with them!

Mercury is retrograde today and it is your sign that is paying the price. Some days don’t deserve as many negative effects. For natives who go through a job interview today, they will give the image of a distracted person with fuzzy and inconstant thinking. The assets will have a serious communication problem which could create misunderstandings and lead to fault. On the stock market, worries will grow, the fear of losing will lead you to resell very promising stocks.

Family and Friends
Your family and social life will be influenced by the planets, especially the Moon. The day will normally be very sweet and happy. On the other hand, if you have teenagers or older children, you will face some disagreements. Don’t wait for the chaos to react. You need to take matters into your own hands immediately by having a discussion away from home. Listen to their requests and try to accept them without judgment. You will succeed in finding compromises and you will quickly reconnect the bonds that unite you.

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