Aquarius Horoscope for 23rd May 2022

A wind of joy and optimism hovers around you today. You will even be surprised to see how relaxed and smiling your surroundings seem! Enjoy! Do not hesitate to add your personal touch. Tell your anecdotes, organize a costume party or go to the carnival! Your friends will appreciate the fact that you share your time and especially your good mood!

So trust your intuition a little more today. You often have real good visions of what you should do, or how to react in a somewhat complicated situation. Let your instincts guide you, but don’t rush! If necessary before you start, take the advice of your best friends to comfort you in your choice. So trust your intuition a little more today. You often have real good visions of what you should do, or how to react in a somewhat complicated situation. Let your instincts guide you, but don’t rush! If necessary before you start, take the advice of your best friends to comfort you in your choice.


Many people will ask you for urgent favors, and as usual, you will agree to help them. You can usually handle it just fine, but today they may be beyond your means. You will have to run all day to fulfill your commitments. Stop for a moment, and observe everything in its proper dimension. Then set priorities. You will be able to do everything in less time!

Today you can catch the mood of other people. Maybe you have friends who want to include you in a group event. You may go to see a sports competition or a wrestling exhibition. You will enjoy going out with friends today. Allow its energies to incentivize you. Put aside your worries and enjoy the moment. Do some “friendship therapy” today!

You are usually a pragmatic being. You pride yourself on controlling your passions and emotions. However, your feelings will be so strong today that you will be destabilized by them. Nothing will make you go out of your hinges and you will not be able to explain this unexpected change. If you contain your emotions, they will only become stronger. Let them out instead! Try to think a little about the meaning of your deep impressions.

Lately, you may feel disconnected from your spiritual side. You have been very busy with work and family obligations. Today’s energy will force you to draw on your reserves. What has made you feel so out of balance? Are you so dedicated to others, that you have little time for yourself? You might want to try exercising, doing a hobby at home, or doing some meditation.

You will have to be careful today to pay particular attention to the terms that you will use if you approach a delicate subject with the loved one. Your words could indeed be misinterpreted and lead to a perilous situation for the harmony of your relationship. Your astral climate suffers from the harmful position of Mars which is about to enter your Heaven. This inclination of the planets can result in a misunderstanding of your words or in a feeling of resentment towards you.

Today you will feel very comfortable in your professional environment, dear! You may be led to discover some of your colleagues during group work. Your ability to communicate with others will immediately relax the atmosphere. Your presence will be greatly appreciated. Keep circulating this good energy, you contribute to peace on earth! Expect to even make new friends!

Today you will feel full of enthusiasm and optimism. Lately, business and teamwork have given satisfactory and profitable results; It may happen that today you receive news about opportunities that arise unexpectedly. For a long time, you have made a great effort without apparent results and now it seems that everything happens at once. Despite your enthusiasm, remember that if you want to keep up with the current pace, you have to get on with the job! Ongoing!

Money and Luck
If you were a researcher in psychoanalysis, this would undoubtedly be a great day of inspiration. As long as you are in the process of collecting some notes to find coherence, you will come up with dazzling ideas, of an unsuspected depth. A bit as if, for the first time, you found the key to an enigma.

In your desire to finish it all, do you have to take into account your physical limitations? You run the risk of getting fatigued and sick right at the end. Ask someone to help you with all the chores and errands that require immediate attention. Leave the rest for later. Your health comes first!

You should be careful with your finances which could melt like snow in the sun if you let yourself go without restraint. The situation could indeed become complicated following an unforeseen event that you will have to face. Use common sense and do not indulge in reckless spending, otherwise, you will be criticized for your actions by those around you. The natives of the second decan will also suffer the bad auspices of Mars and could see an investment collapse.

A phone call or a letter might leave you perplexed today. But whether it’s good or bad news, try to take a step back because you will have a hard time thinking calmly. Wait a day or two before you get a clear picture of the situation you are facing. You will be much more effective if you think with a clear head!

Today you will receive news on TV, in newspapers, or on the Internet about sudden events that could shake long-cherished belief systems. You will feel puzzled for a moment and perhaps a little disappointed, but at the same time, this information will open new doors for you. Your natural curiosity will win out in the end, and you’ll likely read as much as you can about whatever you’re thinking about. New discoveries, after all, can be fascinating!

How long has it been since you got a full night’s sleep? At night, natives encounter significant disturbances in their recovery cycle: insomnia, but also nightmares, difficulty falling asleep, or even outside noise. Little by little, fatigue has set in in your daily life without you noticing it. These problems should absolutely not be taken lightly, otherwise, your state of health will deteriorate. Take action, it’s urgent.

Family & Friends
Within your household, all is well. However, the same cannot be said of your relationship with your more distant family: in this area, heavy conflicts could come to taint your day. These difficulties can be attributed to Mercury, in a bad position in your Heaven, but are above all the fruit of things left unsaid, sometimes several years old. At best they will create a misunderstanding, at worst a real storm. The revelation of this secret will not be easy to live with but will relieve many people.