Aquarius Horoscope Sunday, April 9, 2017, nice moments for couple

Aquarius Horoscope Sunday, April 9, 2017

A very good moment for those who are in couples will be given today, since the loved one has good news to share today, it will be something that will make them both very happy.

It’s time to celebrate your achievements and spend quality time with your friends and family, do not forget that it’s a good day to be with the people you love the most, it will be very good if you make the decision to start being More in touch with the people you really love.

You need to start to notice a lot more, you are losing the ability to realize the true intentions of the person, do not let this continue like this, it becomes the intuitive person before.

You have to return the things that you have been loaned and you still keep them in your power, a person will ask you for something that is your property today, try to return it as soon as possible.
Aquarius Today’s lucky numbers: 11, 21, 28, 30, 44, 46.

Aquarius Horoscope Today, Horoscope of 09/04/2017

This Sunday, Aquarius, you will take everything that is presented in a sporty way, without exasperating, regardless of the circumstances that are happening in your environment. There is a lot of energy around you, Aquarian. You will not regret your behavior, but if you give vent to your emotions, you would have problems. Try to always maintain your presence of mind, especially in your love and work relationships.

Aquarius Predictions Today Sunday April 9 2017 Love, Health, Money, Luck

Today Sunday the Moon is in Virgo moving towards Libra, the planets Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde. This astral scene prompts you to be more delicate when it comes to posing some rough matter to that person who is by your side so that you will not feel hurt by a bad word, or worse interpreted.

There is a certain inclination to neglect and you could compromise your health by eating foods that are not well prepared. Make sure the hygiene of the place where you buy your products and if you are going to eat in a public place stay alert.

The good disposition and mental attitude that you are assuming in front of the unforeseen situations that are arising in your employment will help you to solve difficult problems that require the team action of your co-workers.

Money and Luck
They move economic resources in your favor and you are about to do additional employment that will increase your income. It is time to take advantage of this opportunity and do it by studying some course or technology that helps you to excel in your work.

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