Aquarius Horoscope Today 11th May 2022

This is because the presence of Saturn in your 1st house is going to make you someone very focused, hard-working, and aware of what you have to do to improve materially in life, but Jupiter in your 1st house is going to favor those ideas that are so innovative, rebellious and out of this world that only you can think of.

Therefore, this combination will be very favorable and suitable for developing a personality that, even if you are young, will have the wisdom of someone much older.

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

Your home is going to be filled with positive emotions and many very interesting talks every time you get together and meet today thanks to the presence of Uranus, the Moon and the Sun over the sign of Taurus in your 4th house. to keep you with good expectations of what may manifest today in your home and with your family.

This Wednesday, May 11th, you are going through a somewhat complicated or demanding day. The outside world has challenged you strongly for some time and it is difficult for you to maintain your freedom of action. It’s time to claim your independence gently. The situation is hardly supporting your morale. You sulk or try to take refuge in your pride. The sky tends to undermine your resistance and plunge you into metaphysical abysses. Courage, it’s only a little slump.


Expressing what you think, opine and reflect on is something you enjoy a lot because you have a very high intellectual capacity thanks to your nature of air element, therefore your 5th house in the sign of Gemini will favor all this and if you also add Venus and Mercury, ruler of this sign, you will be having a day full of joy and love if you can go out with friends and talk about all that you have inside.

The Moon emphasizes communication and that’s pretty good since you needed to express yourself on the feelings side. Do not turn a deaf ear any longer, communicate strongly about your desires and desires. You find a listen. As a couple: You are close to your partner, you are very concerned about his slightest desires.

If old little tensions are still on the agenda, you will succeed in piercing the abscess by trusting yourself, it is a good sign. Single: Don’t just focus on your love life, that’s not the way to go. Looking for love is one thing, getting stuck on it all the time is another. Act like you’re not expecting anything, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Cancer in your 6th house with Mars above it can make you somewhat vulnerable to cuts or blows to the chest; so be very careful with sharp objects, especially if they are made of iron; and protect your chest from any accident. If you are a woman, it is a good day for you to go get a mammogram; better safe than sorry.

Somewhat heavy obligations are incumbent on you today. However, you manage to overcome the situation thanks to an uncommon finesse of judgment. You base your personal reflection on very specific skills.


Have a lot of patience, tolerance and respect for people who may be getting on your nerves at work because by having Mars in your house 6 in the sign of Cancer you will be very irritable in your work environment and it is possible that at the slightest provocation you will sulfides; relax and count to 10 before saying any aggression and remember that you have the power to be in your center.

At work, do not waste your chances by trying to play the strongest. Don’t ignore your opponents otherwise the situation could turn against you. You will triumph if you let your guard down and negotiate this tricky bend smoothly. Put the shapes in it!


If you have knowledge of alternative or psychological therapies that can help many people, today is the day to put them to generate income because your house 2 in the sign of Pisces with its ruler Neptune on it will greatly favor you to provide emotional services and have good income economic. The pride of certain competitors may annoy you, but do not mention it. Instead, use your current observations to craft your attack strategy. If you are patient enough you may be able to win the big deals in a few days.

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