Aquarius Horoscope Today 14th May 2022

Well, your 1st house contains the planet Saturn, your ruler that allows you to be very objective, practical and materialize the ideas you have in mind, which we know are many, but not all of them are always adequate for what you need in your life; and this planetary energy is going to center you and put your feet on the ground to channel your efforts towards those who will be suitable for you.

The energy of your home is going to be very beautiful and full of strength from the physical aspect because it is possible that you are going to go on an excursion to the countryside or that you are going to exercise together because Taurus with the Sun and Uranus from your house 4 indicates a enormous and beneficial material and physical energy at your disposal to be shared in your home.

Leo in your house 7 tells us that they are very passionate people and with a fairly high personal magnetism who are calling your attention enormously and having this house as its ruler in the house 4 can tell us that from a family gathering where friends of the family or through a relative you could be meeting who could become your new partner.

Gemini 2022 Full Yearly Horoscope x
Gemini 2022 Full Yearly Horoscope

Be careful of the manifestations that your 12th house with Pluto in Capricorn may have for you during the day, which can be material losses, accidents or problems at work; Be very attentive to this and if it happens to you, do not get angry or furious because it is an approval for you so that you improve as a being and you can pay the karma that you have accumulated.

The day has a certain negative charge that will only get worse if you continue with that stubborn attitude on all the topics that catch your attention. Much of the day’s activity will focus on how people break free from their bonds to see things from a totally different perspective. If you insist on ignoring your inner voice and maintain that inflexible and immovable attitude, you will only find extreme resistance.

Today you may feel a desire for independence. Why not check whether or not it is practical to do your work from home? If you work in an office that doesn’t require constant contact or communication with other people, you may be able to work one or two days a week from your home office. Some companies have a special policy for their employees, so see if you can meet their needs. You’ll enjoy the freedom of working in a robe and slippers from time to time.


The restless and very communicative minds similar to yours are the ones that amuse you the most and where you quickly generate bonds of friendship and fraternity because your 5th house in the sign of Gemini will allow that air that both share to be well used and by having the Moon, Venus and Mercury will also be the emotions that will be shared from a very intellectual perspective that will enrich the perception of you and your interlocutor.

Do you know that compassion is the key element of most of the world’s great religions? Even if you are not a religious person, take this concept and develop your love for others. You will be surprised how good doing good to others will do you. There is so much to do! Do not think that to be able to act you need money or a lot of available time. Remember that the man who moved the mountain began by transporting the small stones.


Mars in Cancer from your 6th house is not a good sign for your health because here this planetary energy may be causing you some problems because it is poorly dignified where it falls; therefore, be very careful of accidents or cuts and protect your chest especially since it is the part that governs Cancer.

It is likely that today you woke up in an excellent mood? A humor so great that you will not know why! Perhaps you have had wonderful dreams that you do not remember and that have cleared away old traumas and doubts, freeing you to return to being your usual adventurous self. You are likely to meet friends and maybe go somewhere. Today will be a wonderful and rewarding day for you.


The manifestation of your emotions in a public and explicit way in your working day can bring you problems and more if you are a person who shows up to give some service and this can happen today thanks to the fact that Mars in Cancer from your home 6 indicates a deficient and very poorly aspected emotional energy.

Something serious awaits you one day. You feel lonely, as everyone around you walks away to work on their own needs, focused and silent. But what a great feeling you will have tonight after having solved so many problems and done so much at work. So finally this will be a very positive day and you will end it with a great feeling of pride!


You will be receiving good profits and a considerable increase in your economy if you help people who ask you for it and even those who don’t but you see that they need it, because Jupiter in Pisces next to Neptune combines the energy of the two rulers of this sign to empower you emotionally and spiritually so that you can be the hand that helps lift whoever you see thrown in your day. Keep your eyes wide open today, as you may meet the man of your dreams. Or, you could literally find a stack of cash. The safest thing is that it will be a most unusual day, so keep your mind open to all possibilities and be very attentive. If an intriguing new business opportunity comes your way, don’t jump at it right away. Take note of all the information and review it when you have calmed down.