Aquarius Horoscope Today 31st December 2021

Today’s Aquarius Horoscope is for Friday, December 31st, It is likely that you have every intention of always having the best, materially speaking and who would not like it. However, suddenly you would base everything in that sense, avoiding giving importance to what has it.

That is why, without a doubt, you remain equanimous and think clearly that it is not the only thing in life. The waning Moon would help you to have a good energy spike. You would be seriously contemplating a radical change, which could imply a change of house, residence, or some energy that was resounding.


For this reason, despite all that appears to be negative, you would have the opportunity to make life fill you with better energy than before. The transition from Cancer to Leo would be enough for everything to have a better perspective.

For some important reason, you would have some ideas that might not seem relevant to others, but which, if exercised, would be successful enough not to ask anyone for help. The above would be focused on accommodating your life in general terms but letting the conjunction between Mercury and the Sun be prosperous for you.aquarius horoscope today 31st december 2021

Sometimes you prefer the low profile. You tend to “go with the flow” and accept everything that touches you. This makes it very easy to get along with you! But sometimes you can’t defend your position when others take advantage of you. If you feel like you are being asked to take care of more than your share, you should discuss it with someone. The situation won’t go away if you just ignore it.

Your daily life will seem less burdensome to you. It is to your advantage to slip between the drops … You have to cultivate relaxation, to find your energy as it should be. Don’t get upset over trifles. You are more determined than usual, this allows you to become more efficient in difficult tasks. You are also more receptive to ideas from those around you. It is only narrow-minded people who do not change their minds! It’s a bit like the mating season today. You are passionate, happy, and in love. Nothing can distract you from your love goals and you profit from them!

Make the decision, if you are going through a period of confusion before someone, you would not have to vibrate low but on the contrary to know whether or not you are compatible with that person. It is a good time for life to fill you with good vibes, letting everything settle as it should. Fill yourself with love everywhere the waning Moon only augurs that you would be feeling full.

Your family and friends may get together at your house, or a neighbor’s house, for some intimate time together. At some point, expect an exciting phone call. You should feel very safe in relationships of all kinds, from business partnerships to close friends or romantic partners. Information you receive from someone can help you by giving you ideas on how to decorate your home in a new and different way.

You don’t quite know what you want, you feel like a weather vane unable to choose between different desires that are difficult to reconcile. You probably won’t be able to have the butter, the butter money, and the creamer. Take the time to think it over, make a list of pros and cons if necessary, without fear of the unknown, before making a big decision. The only thing you could regret is that you didn’t make a clear decision!

Now those ills that afflicted you for a while now would disappear, even though you may not always consider it, you should take into account that there are emotional situations that make your body feel bad. You control that energy and calm everything down.

Today you must take care of yourself, and pay attention to your health if it is not in optimal condition. Of course, the doctor will find something you need to improve, but when he speaks, he does not speak just because he likes to hear his voice. Pay attention to your health and if you think you are not doing enough to ensure a long and full life, try adding one healthy habit at a time to your regimen. This is more likely to be successful than modifying your lifestyle entirely.

An excellent day was placed under the positive influence of Jupiter. You feel ready to climb mountains. A native of the 1st decan, your beautiful energy even gives you the appearance of having rejuvenated. Your impeccable lifestyle seems to have paid off. Above all, stay the course, don’t let your sometimes gargantuan nature take over. Continue to eat a balanced diet and commit to regular sport. You shine, it would be a shame to give up all the benefits of a healthy life!

Money and Luck
Try as you might, hide your worry about how you would get your finances in front of you. There would be no reason to feel that you have bad. This is how you would gradually order your accounts, making everything improve, remember that number two of the day is very similar to glimpsing success.

Today you will talk about the plans you have or would like to do with the people who live with you. If you live alone, there is almost no chance that your plans will affect someone, but if you cohabit, take the time to extend this courtesy. Someone in the house will have intentions for today that you had not noticed, or someone will need something from you. Talk about things, and everything will work out.

You have matured your projects, you are burning to take action, but you will see today that things still have to be studied. In addition, you have everything to gain by putting the forms in your dialogues, be flexible to spare your financial interests. It’s a great day for all money business, to negotiate, sell, buy, or just make more money than usual. Be careful though because you could also encounter some tension with one or the other work colleague.

Finish the work that you have postponed for a few days, not because of vacations but perhaps because of laziness as it is a task that has no relevance. Now that you have everything much more under control, you could see how extraordinary the day would get, having good results despite the chaos. It’s time to let the waning Moon dissipate all that strange energy.

Sometimes you have very strong opinions. You are passionate about your beliefs and do your best to express your true feelings to others. But today you will find out that you have judged someone else too harshly. Perhaps you have a negative opinion about someone at work. Even though this person may not be perfect, you may not truly understand her side of the story. Try to keep your mind open and be humble to learn more.

Do you feel like you’re going in circles? And for good reason, by dint of pacing, the ground ends up hollowing out under your feet. Stuck in this routine, you feel like you are suffocating. So take your momentum and try to break all your stereotypes and prejudices. Concentrate on anything that can give you the courage to face this zone of turbulence. Hang in there, put on your belt. The trip is well worth the effort, especially to light the stars in your eyes.

Family and Friends
You should meet your friends for a getaway in the streets of your city, the waves will be positive. You will share real moments of happiness with them. However, in your home, things may get a little more complicated. If you have children, they will try to get your attention by any means, at the risk of doing something stupid. Give them your listening and your shoulders. Calm will be quickly regained for the good of all. It is never good to live in conflict.