Aquarius Horoscope Today 9th May 2022

Need to express yourself and be recognized in your family environment. The Sun in the house of the hearth transmits these homely influences and an interest in the origins or knowledge of the ancestors, you could be interested in rescuing old recipes from your grandmother or visiting your mother after the memories of her delicious chicken soup.

With Jupiter in your Ascendant, you will feel expansive and extremely charming. On the other hand, you will feel driven to create a new order in your life and to link your self with something greater, with the earthly and cosmic whole.


It is an ideal time to plan a romantic evening by candlelight and wine. If your partner is in correspondence, from his own dignity and strength, he will be able to give meaning to your life within a trustworthy relationship. At the same time you will expect attention from your partner and you will manifest a strong need for true love and the approval of the other.

Be careful not to gossip so much with friends and colleagues? You may find it funny to talk about others, but remember that the truth of the facts is distorted every time history repeats itself. If you gossip a lot, your friends will wonder if you also talk about them behind their back. Finally, it is not laudable behavior for your friends. Think about it.


You will connect your conscious mind with the emotional part and you will be very communicative in the romantic field, expressing your ideas with the other through language in a lucid way.

Today love and romance are first on your agenda. You and your partner will leave a meeting with friends, to be alone and chat. They communicate well, and the intense feeling between them will be obvious, possibly embarrassing, to everyone who knows them. If you have been together for a while, you could talk about engagement and/or marriage. Enjoy the day!


Mars implies great action and physical energy, so it is recommended that you be aware of minor cuts and burns in the kitchen or at home, be cautious when using knives and other sharp utensils.

This is a great day to interact socially. The day brings a light and warm energy. Think about organizing an informal meeting with friends. It would be a very good idea to invite people from your environment who don’t know each other yet. You will feel good making presentations and even playing Celestina! Enjoy the day!


You will show great desire, will and physical energy in the workplace. You will be able to achieve your goals, you can detect impulses of aggressiveness that you should reduce by concentrating on your occupations at work.

With so many things flattering you today, you’ll feel like you own the world! Your imaginative ability, your artistic talents and your physical energy will be at their peak today. The most difficult problem you are likely to face will be deciding what to do first. If you have children, it will be much easier, since they will have many ideas about things to do together if you do not have them, look for company in friends or acquaintances and go out dancing or organize a meeting. Have fun!


The influences of Neptune are not the best to face material life and the search for financial resources, since with this energy you will feel the desire to escape from the material world, merging with everything.

Today you must jump into action, so don’t even resist. But be careful because appearances are deceiving. Before you act, make sure the situation is transparent. You may feel a little confused. Your imagination is very active today, so it would not be unusual for you to feel the desire to run away with the circus, never to return. Perhaps the idea is not so far-fetched.