Aquarius Horoscope Tuesday 17th May 2022

Your solar energy will be limited since the sun in the house of renunciation and sacrifices cannot radiate its best influences. So you will find yourself sacrificing yourself, sacrificing your ego for the benefit and service of others, and it could be circumstances that force you into such considerations.

You will feel an urgent need to become independent from your family. You could feel tied to the past, and you could even break family ties and adopt friends as a family, since the planetary influence of Uranus in your 4th house does not consider blood to be the only possible link. In fact, you might feel more identified with friends than with your own family.


With the sign of Leo in your house of the couple your thoughts will be focused on relationships, if you have a partner at this time, they will be showing great vitality together in the social sphere, and they will be striving to please each other.


Venus, the planet of love, displays its greatest charms in the house of Leo. Flirting and admirers will be the order of the day with this position. If you are living a romance, you will want to transmit all your love to that special person.


With the presence of Mars in the house of health, it is a good time to visit your doctor and have a general check-up to check your blood iron levels.


With the placement of the Moon in the 6th house, it is important that you feel comfortable, and that you recognize your value. If your duties have to do with a maternal or protective role, you will feel particularly safe and at peace with your work environment. With the opposition between the Moon and Pluto, you could find yourself personally involved with your boss or colleagues and not on the best of terms or be the focus of hidden enemies.

Money and Luck

There are chances that you will benefit financially through businesses or projects that are related to writing, theater, sculpture, and the arts in general.