Aquarius in December 2018 | Your Monthly Love, Money, Luck and Health

Aquarius in December 2018 | Your Monthly Love, Money, Luck and Health

The month of December for the Aquarian horoscope the most important will be: spirituality, connecting with spiritual people, family and Christmas. Lucky numbers for December: 2-3-4-5-11-12-21-22-23-24-29-30.

Aquarius love December 2018
Love changes with respect to last month. Right now, it will be more important for you compatibility, friendship, mutual support, spiritual connection, than passion and power. A friend could introduce you to a friend of his and love could arise, the natural connection; It could also be that you link online or in a seminar or spiritual course. But this month it’s about talking and connecting.aquarius in december 2018 monthly horoscope

Aquarius social life December 2018
Social life will be active and you will keep your friends’ contact up to date. Friendships will be more important to you than love. In December you will seek to connect with like-minded people, exchange ideas, rather than seduce the opposite gender. At least this is what you will think. It will be very important to be in contact with your friends, who have the same spiritual vein as you. Also meet new people, in that seminars or workshops or classes that you attend, so they can transmit new knowledge and be able to speak the same language.

Aquarius work December 2018
Work ceases to be the most important and becomes a routine. We could say that the work is going very well, you have reached your goal and you will let the daily routine move slowly, while you focus on other topics such as family and friends. You know you can relax, because everything works very well.

Aquarius money December 2018
Your economy will be very good, as long as you dedicate yourself to buying / selling, advertising or journalism. Your father or mother will do very well this month, as far as the economy is concerned and will fill you with Christmas gifts. You will fill your family with gifts and you will enjoy it.

Aquarius horoscope home and family December 2018
Home and family will be important this month. You will focus on them and mount them Christmas parties sounded. You will enjoy decorating your house, buying gifts and organizing the menus, so that everyone can enjoy around the table.

Aquarius health December 2018
The health will be fantastic. You will have a lot of energy and you will be able to do everything: work, prepare your home for Christmas, buy the gifts and all without neglecting your exercise routine and your balanced and natural diet.

Aquarius studies December 2018
If you are a student you are studying well and you will get very good marks in your final exams of the 1st trimester. Finished the exams, you will give yourself a break and you will focus on family and friends.

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