Aquarius Love Horoscope Today 20th December 2018

Aquarius Love Horoscope Today 20th December 2018

The sentimental crises will not appear today any more than the bursts of voices and other disputes! Life flows under impulses of peace, soothe all tension, seek compromise. This day breathes tranquility, do not waste it!

As a couple: An earthly sensitivity will make couples want to live in the country away from the tumult of cities. This day could therefore announce new ideas about your place of life. Peace is not synonymous with boredom but just serenity.aquarius love horoscope today 20th december 2018

Single: Nice day for your sentimental sector. The celestial impulses open the door to those waiting for emotional anchoring! Activate your hopes, open your heart, believe in your lucky stars, this is the key to success!

Day placed under the jurisdiction of the planet Venus with, as a result, a cozy atmosphere very conducive to peaceful love and happy moments with the loved one. Couples will deepen their bonds and trust in their emotional future. Singles will be pampered by members of the other sex. A bonus for solitary men: they will see the evolution of a friendship towards a much more tender and intimate relationship. Oh, how beautiful life is, because when the heart goes, everything is fine!

The astral climate of the day will be able to mark for you great satisfactions of material order insofar as you will pass the reason before the passion. Beware especially of greed, and understand that your real interest is not necessarily in the line of immediate gain. Think about cultivating and developing your relationships: they will be useful to you sooner or later.

Given this aspect of the Sun, your energy does exist, but more in fits and starts than in a sustained way. To improve this setting, why not join a team sport, just to benefit from the regular emulation released by the group?

By Mary Emma

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