Aquarius Luck Today 4th January 2019 Friday

Aquarius Luck Today 4th January 2019 Friday

You could not miss any opportunity to react faster, and more vividly than everyone else. This ability to understand and find the parry in the moment, is part of the Moon / Neptune aspect. Your intuition is sharp, maybe even a little too much, you feel that the others are heavy and waste your time! Put a little brake.

Put your expenses down and cling to your savings. It is reasonable to list everything you do not need, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the gain is substantial. The shortfall is part of the planetary aspect of the day, remain circumspect and careful in all circumstances.aquarius luck today 4th january 2019

You have a craving for money and comfort and nothing can stop you in your carnivorous delirium. But you are more complex than you seem and want to achieve your ends by yourself. So you find a little harmony through the fulfillment of your wishes. You meet opportunities to progress in your professional future. There are also important movements of money. You have a lot to do, and many of them will help you grow professionally and financially.

You are very demanding and you will be discouraged in this period of low performance. Send your data to future employers. Cycle to review your finances and make adjustments in your economy. Understand that you do not change the way you spend, you could get into debt.

Today you will crave some positive attention. Maybe you want more recognition from your boss. You will decide to ask for a promotion or request a reward. It is important to feel good about work. You need to know that your professional skills are valued, and that helps your achievements. Today you can be surprised and pleasantly surprised.

You are a born facilitator, even if you do not use this gift as much as you should. Could it be that you do not trust him too much? Today is a day to challenge this lack of faith in yourself. Choose an area that you care about, it can be from your personal life or from the community. You should see that your perception of how things should be correct. Try to overcome your reluctance to intervene and take charge.

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