Aquarius Monday, January 2, 2017 Love knocks at your doors

Do not let those who have nothing to do discharge your negativity with you by delaying your things. Love smiles at you and you must let yourself be carried away by that wonderful impulse so that the best that is within you can flourish.

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Mond...
Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

The success of an upcoming meeting will depend on your intuition and how you handle the opportunities and circumstances that are being presented. Although it is not a business day for you, take advantage of it and analyze your current situation, there will be profits soon, Aquarian.

The Moon is entering the Pisces sign after you leave your Aquarian sign. The only retrograde planet is Mercury in transit through Capricorn. The things of the heart, that is, of love, occupy an important place in your life, but they are not the main purpose on this day as you have other interests around you. That is why, even if you are very busy, separate time and attend to yours. If you do not have a stable partner, and you are in search of a relationship you will see your dreams fulfilled.

You are in a cycle of important health decisions, and if you were previously unsuccessful in staying on a diet and regaining weight after some time now your strength will be strengthened and you recover all the lost ground.

Carefully address your work issues and even if you feel somewhat uncomfortable with your current job position do things responsibly as your oversights would cause serious complications and major problems in your employment.

Money and fortune
Guided by your intuition and do things your way, direct, and executive, but at the same time more socially so your trading partners or people who have to do with you, and money, will not be frightened with you.