Aquarius Monthly Horoscope of December 2017

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope of December 2017

Aquarius, in December it will be time to invest in your dreams and in all those things that you have wanted to face and you have not been able to. Uranus, your regent, is retrograde all this December in transit through the sign of Aries, the perfect combination: you are of the air element and Aries is fire. You will be making important decisions, both sentimentally and economically, and you will change your way of responding to the different situations that are arising in your life. You can differentiate between emotions and feelings, physical attraction, and love. Your mental clarity will allow you to act in a concrete and determined way, leaving nothing to chance.

This month of December will be a happy month in which they will do everything they like best: social life, relationships, family, enjoy and make others happy. If you’re single you go through one of those moments when you do not know if you prefer a stable and safe person by your side, or someone who lets you go on your own, which is tempting for you. It is likely that you establish a relationship with someone very emotionally demanding and you are advised not to push your limits or try to look like who you are not because, in the long run, it can be worse. Assume your relationships with the responsibility that, over time, turning around and running, will no longer be a reasonable option. The Aquarius with the partner will see this progress and, this is likely, surprise surprises also in their own professional environment.aquarius monthly horoscope in december 2017

Aquarius Love Monthly Horoscope of December 2017
It is never too late to learn something new in the life of love, Aquarian. The lesson that life gives you in these moments is to enjoy with greater fullness and emotional security because now you have on your part a good planetary energy and love that seemed distant closer than other times. Love will go very well. They will feel happy if they are in pairs. If they are single, they could fall in love while chatting online. You could also introduce some friends to someone special. Love is there for you, although you will look for someone spiritual, who shares your same hobbies. They will be very seductive. Best days: 2,3,7,8,9,11,13,17,20,21,22,26,27

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Aquarius Health Monthly Horoscope of December 2017
It is the ideal time for surgery and admission to the hospital. Do not fear, everything is as it should be. If you are postponing a treatment that you do not like how you feel the necessary energy to undertake it successfully. Health will be much better this month. Avoid arguments and dislikes. They need harmony, peace and tranquility otherwise your health will accuse you and you are already quite stressed. Meditation, Yog, spiritual therapies can help you a lot.

Aquarius Work Monthly Horoscope of December 2017
Prepare your work requests and cheer up because there is good news on your horizon. If you are unemployed and your economic situation worries you, now begins a very promising stage in which you will be able to find work easily. At work, they follow the good offers, the successes, the successes and the congratulations. There is nothing more to say, professional life smiles at them. Best days: 1,2,3,10,11,17,19,20,23,24,25,29,30

Aquarius Money Monthly Horoscope of December 2017
You must be more direct and exercise security when formulating your concerns because if you hesitate in your proposals you could be taken by an inconsistent person and raise fears in your business partners or in your supervisors and people of higher rank than you in your job, Aquarius. The money will arrive fluently and everything will be controlled. They will feel safe and calm about it. From the 2nd fortnight, prosperity will smile even more. Best days: 4,5,6,7,11,12,13,14,20,21,22,23,24,31

Your family will be by your side. They will make some trip and there will be many family reunions and with friends. Christmas loves them and they will spend them with the whole family.
For the students, they will be studying very well. They will feel very motivated and will achieve the qualifications, which are proposed. They will take advantage of the parties to read a novel, which distracts them from their work and their responsibilities.

Although, in recent months, your finances have been a source of concern, in the middle of the month you will begin to see more clearly a rebound in them. It will even be the time to invest in your dreams and those things that you have wanted to address and for which you have lacked sufficient capital.

If it is not your money, also from December 22, you can count on the help of powerful people who will be willing to second you. If you work for others, it will be possible for you to be entrusted with a project in which you are the thinking head. You will not be very patient with your older relatives and you may feel this month that they demand too much of you. Be tolerant and do not cheat yourself thinking that you always are, because it is not true.

Social life will also experience a rebound and you will be more animated and ready for fun. Therefore, the desire to make a short trip will be abundant and it is likely that December will give you the opportunity. Also, this month will allow you to put in order and structure those things that you have been letting go for a long time. If it is not about arrangements in your home, you can make the decision to purchase a new vehicle or a new electronic device.