Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for April 2022

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for April 2022

This is a month that you live full of ideas, conversations, and mental curiosity. Your mind will want to explore new concepts and wander freely, searching for information and answers, which will keep you busy, moving from one place to another.

The days between April 4 and 10 will bring the beginning of an important ending, but for now, the events and the talks will let you know subtly. It is as if they want you to anticipate and prepare. So pay attention to the information you receive on these dates and your hunches.aquarius monthly horoscope for april 2022

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As we saw in the horoscopes for April 2022, the new moon on April 11 favors you to sign a contract, close a deal or meet with key people you need on your side to manifest something important. Use this energy to take a short trip not too far away to help you start a new stage of life.

As of April 14, all the astrological energy begins to accommodate to take your attention and your time towards what is happening in your home, your family life, the situation you live with them, the plans they are developing, and even the discussions and frictions that have to be solved.

The good news is that the energy you start this season is one of conciliation and harmony, so it’s time to beautify your home, fix latent problems, or fall in love with your spaces.

During the week of April 19, this same theme gains strength. The end of the month begins to bring news, dialogues, and a lot of information that allows you to balance your plans with certain decisions that involve your family, the place is the one you live with, the people you share a home with, etc.

This season of the year announces moves, separations, or the return of a family member to the home. Also, take the opportunity to renew your spaces, where you spend most of your time, which become your second home.

If you are one of the Aquarians starting a relationship or building a new stage within it, the period between April 20 and 25 favors you a lot to discover where this story is going. It is the same year in which you should focus on all aspects of your life as a couple so that they grow where you want, even if you are single, because this energy also helps you manifest a relationship.

If you need some extra motivation or energy to get back to the gym, eat healthy again, or reinforce the positive connection you have with your physical body, April 23 marks the start of six weeks to help you find plenty of reasons to dedicate yourself to your body.

The full moon of April 26 ends the month by leading you to close or end your relationship with a figure of hierarchy or authority who can no longer continue on your path because now, you are ready to continue on your own. It is also when separation from your partner or partner can come because you no longer feel supported or protected within this story.

Pluto begins its retrograde cycle on April 27. Although, in reality, it will be during May when you feel its effect more strongly, it is worth reminding you that this period comes to give you a new lesson regarding the importance of listening to your shadow, since the wisdom that it keeps thanks to what you lived in the past. So allow it to express itself, and show you what continues to hurt or what you have not been able to reconcile.

This month of April for Aquarius, you will live a very fruitful and prosperous month. The most important thing: are money, health, family, and love. Lucky numbers for April: 4-5-6-15-16-17-18-23-24-25.

Love will be regular for you. If you are in a relationship or married, you will feel bad and go through a crisis. The fights will bring out dirty laundry, which you will throw at each other’s faces, but some of you will manage to weather the storm and move on. If you are alone, you will continue along this month. You are focused on other issues, and love is not your priority.

Social life will be little. You will want to stay home quiet and relax. You won’t feel very social and won’t feel like talking. It is a moment of sought solitude.

Work will continue to go excellently for you. You still have an enormous vision for the future. Do you have projects in

Your economy will continue to be excellent. You will receive a salary increase, or your income will increase dramatically. It’s going to be amazing!! You will share with your children, and they will benefit from your bonanza. This situation will bring you peace and tranquility.

Your family and home will be fine. Your home will be greatly affected by the solar eclipse on the 30th. You could have electrical or water failures. You could have problems with computers and the Internet. Some family problems could arise, but you will solve them quickly.

Your health will be regular. You will feel tired all the time. You need to take care of yourself more, rest, sleep your hours, and recover, especially from the 3rd week of the month. If you need to lose a few kilos this month, you will lose them more easily. In any case, a purifying diet is necessary for everyone. April is a good month for studies. And you’re focused on getting the best grades. You will get it.