Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Aquarius love August 2020
The eighth month of the year is rarely positive for you and, in fact, quite exhausting. As for the love sector, you lose the support of Venus, who is only in Gemini the first week. But Mars is still in Aries, so very positive.

So what can happen, especially in the first seven days of August, is getting to court a person, be attractive and share pleasant emotions, even sexual acts, with an interesting person. In short, a passionate love that ignites the erotic desire but that with the passing of days seems to vanish by the new transit of Venus in Cancer that is not excellent for you.aquarius august monthly horoscope 2020

They are starting to become more susceptible, less attentive to their partner’s needs, and that Mars could lead them to want fights. Its energy is not well controlled, it could be explosive in some emotional situations that will live, and that will not be so pleasant.

The presence of the North Node in the V House of Aquarius, promotes the encounter with special people for the native, in romantic terms (attention to karmic ties); and the understanding of love, as one of the paths towards evolution.

The North Node in House V of the water carrier also alludes to the example that is offered to children or subordinates (in the workplace), according to their guidelines of conduct and moral compass.

On the other hand, from August 04 to 19, Mercury will be visiting the VII House of Aquarius, a transit that tells us about intellectual complicity between couples, and conversations about the immediate future.

This trend will be reinforced (positively) by the trigons between Mars in House III of the sign of the water carrier, and the Sun (08/16) and Mercury (08/17), positioned in House VII.

Keep in mind that the New Moon in Leo on 08/18 will take place precisely in the VII House of Aquarius, so the announcements of marriages, courtships, and commitments will not be surprising.

Note: On August 12, the asteroid Vesta will enter House VII of the sign, an astrological position that suggests devotion to the life partner, and a powerful spirit of collaboration.

Last but not least, the beginning of Urano’s apparent setback in House IV (08/15), points to the search for balance between the subject’s independence and family responsibilities.

In the same way, Uranus retrograde in the IV House of Aquarius brings to the scene ancient disputes (and family secrets), and emergency works that must be carried out in the home.

Aquarius work and money in August 2020
Unfortunately, it is not a very easy period for work and earnings. Having Mercury that passes, during the month, from the zodiac sign Cancer to the zodiac sign Virgin, passing through the zodiac sign Lion, is not good news.

Possible blockages, professional situations that do not progress easily, difficulties in taking new routes, and if by chance you intend to find a new job, you will realize that the period will not be beneficial from this point of view.

As for money, instead of making profits, they will be forced to spend, especially from the 6th to the 20th of August, with Mercury in transit by the zodiac sign of the Lion, that is, in opposition. But do not give up on your projects, your ideas, which are undoubtedly supported by a great Jupiter and a Saturn that being retrograde, slow down situations.

Finances will remain stable for the natives of Aquarius, during August 2020. The presence of Neptune retrograde in House II of the sign, warns about carrying out financial operations, based on unrealistic expectations, or without knowing all the details of the transaction.

Mercury’s entry into House VIII of the water carrier (08/19), a location where it will be preceded by the Sun (08/22), indicates that there are interesting lucrative business opportunities, through relatives and associates.

However, the opposition between Mercury in House VIII and retrograde Neptune in House II, suggests that the native may disregard the advice and proposals of his loved ones, by doing his will or focusing on chimeras.

In this sense, it is prudent to grant others the benefit of the doubt and listen to their pleas with the same respect, which you hope yours will receive in any space.

In the workplace, from 04 to 19 August, the planet of communication (Mercury) will be visiting the VII House of Aquarius, a transit that favors the negotiation of contracts, and the adaptation of conditions.

The fact that the New Moon in Leo on 08/18, takes place precisely in House VII of the water carrier, indicates that the native will have the opportunity to sign an advantageous agreement, in economic and societal terms.

However, keep in mind that, during August 2020, Mars in the III House of Aquarius will hold squares with Pluto (08/13) and Saturn (08/24) retrograde in the XII House of the sign.

These alignments can cause setbacks when presenting ideas, or defending them before a certain audience. The origin of the situation is anchored in the subject’s old (negative) experiences, which undermine his confidence.

But the presence of the North Node in House V, and the asteroid Juno in House IX of Aquarius, drive greater security in the native’s self-expression, natural abilities, and power of personal growth.

Important: Venus will enter the VI House of Aquarius on 08/07. This astrological position confers an attitude inspired by the workspace, harmonious relationships with colleagues, and a predilection for activities of an artistic or creative nature.

Lucky Aquarius August 2020
Mars is in an excellent position in the sky and with its sextile, it favors energy and optimism that allows you to overcome even those difficult moments that are born on your way to evolution. If you think you are traveling for business or fun, try to do it before Mercury reaches the opposition.

They are preparing new professional routes, some inevitable changes are coming but only from October everything will be better and clearer before their eyes, so this is a month of the blockade, A month in which the mind is confused but the creative forces want that you act.

It is better to stay still and not do too much, not put too much meat on the fire. Few lucky events to come, news that awaits, perhaps at a professional level that does not come and also earnings absolutely below your predictions but August for you is almost always a complicated month and you have to know how to settle.

On August 3, the Full Moon will take place in Aquarius, an astrological event that you can use to have more clarity about the goals set (do they represent the person you are in the present?); reevaluate your lifestyle, and strengthen the link with your dreams.

Likewise, the lunar event will encourage the sons and daughters of the water carrier to express their authenticity, analyze the results that teamwork brings, and cut with harmful habits.

On the other hand, the entrance of Venus in the VI House of the sign of the water carrier represents a reunion with the practice of self-care; enjoyment of household and work routines; and home decoration and other personal settings.

Let us remember that Neptune continues to retrograde in the II House of Aquarius, so the subject must cultivate her self-esteem, starting from real bases (not limiting beliefs). In this sense, the self-care activities promoted by Venus in the VI House constitute an excellent ally to nurture self-love.

Other astrological aspects to keep in mind, at this time of year, are the squares that Mars will star in House III of Aquarius, with Pluto (08/13) and Saturn (08/24) retrograde in House XII of the sign.

These configurations will confront the native with her deepest fears, and self-imposed limitations. The fact that House III is involved in the alignment indicates that it is possible to channel the process constructively, through internal (friendly) dialogue and psychological therapy sessions, with a qualified professional.

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