Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

This January for Aquarius will be spiritually active. The most important thing will be the power to change everything, to be happy. work, health, love, and money. The lucky numbers for January will be 4-5-6-14-15-16-17-23-24.

Aquarius is a detached sign in affection and very changeable, so it can leave you behind in less time than it takes to pronounce the word love. She will always defend her freedom. Because of the transit of Venus almost all month, her love affairs will be related to friendship and social groups. If she already has a partner, the union may be strengthened through understanding, sharing activities and tastes in common, adding and integrating into the whole of the relationship.aquarius monthly horoscope january 2021

If you are alone, take advantage of and increase your outings and social contacts, since, at a party or event, you can meet very interesting people. Anyway, with the Sun in Capricorn, it will also be a month to leave behind those relationships that no longer work in your life or old loves could return in search of a second chance. Cleanse your life for the new, when the Sun enters your sign at the end of January.

Aquarians will start the year 2021 on the right foot. Their social life will be more intense than ever and they will be very active. Anyway, this rate will drop from the 11th, when Mars enters the lonely House XII. From that moment on, they will feel more inclined to take refuge in their own interior and get away from the madding crowd. However, in terms of or their love relationships, they will enjoy maximum advantages. Also, from the 15th, they will achieve better and greater communication with their interlocutors due to the arrival of Mercury.

If you are in a relationship or married, you will be in a routine of tranquility and happiness. You seek more pleasure in yourself than in your partner. If you are single, this month you could meet someone on 23-24-25 and you will meet him in a seminar or a Yoga class or similar. It will be someone older than you and you will fall in love. The important thing for you at this time is to find someone with the same scale of values, it is more important to find your stability and connect with someone spiritually, than anything else.

Venus will be very favorable this month for the couple, since it relaxes and reconciles, encouraging them to leap into the future. Also, to decompress tensions, starting from a more spiritual communion, not so much on the physical as on the mental plane. There is an energy that will seek to erase borders, that calls you to share outside the conventions and that is, of course, something very natural for you. So take advantage and enjoy love with freedom and conviction.

The sensuality of Taurus will catch Aquarius. The relationship may not last, but it will be an atypical experience for someone who is always afraid of losing their freedom. The link with Cancer will put this son of Uranus in touch with his refined eroticism and will allow both of them to experience moments of ecstasy that will fulfill their expectations. Virgo will harbor doubts and will not dare to accept Aquarius. Only the persistence of this child of Uranus will be effective in neutralizing her fears. Capricorn will offer you a structure that will contain you and will prevent his eccentricities from leading you to overflow.

Social Life
Your social life will be very important this month of January, but more and more you will move into alternative and spiritual environments. The person you fall in love with could be a friend of a friend. You will be a little nervous and could argue for no reason. Avoid confrontations. Take it easy!

In January, work and profession will not be the most important thing. It is going to be a month without changes and important actions. It will be a month in which you will follow a work routine, under the guidelines established months ago. If you are looking for work, an interesting job opportunity could appear for you in the middle of the month. Be attentive and do not miss the opportunity.

Possible clouds over the horizon. The Sun in Capricorn and Mercury can cause inconvenience at work. There will be delays in payments and an excess of demand. Try to negotiate more diplomatically. Moving away from the problem to see it from another perspective is the suggestion. The planet Mars asks you to moderate your temperament, especially if your profession has to do with humane treatment, attention to the public, commerce, or any other service task.

The natives of Aquarius will concentrate their efforts on the professional plane. Aries will place all its trust in its Aquarius partner and the same will happen the other way around. The progress of both will produce a significant improvement in your income. Work performance with Geminis will add one success after another. However, this bonanza will not have to divert them from the path of effort. The sensitivity of Pisces will make you achieve a very cordial treatment with customers. This natural condition will add to your Aquarius partner’s ability to permanently make new contacts.

Money and Luck
With money, you will be fine and you will spend the month without worrying. It is not that you have excess money, but you have already adjusted your income to your fixed expenses, which allows you to move within limits, which you know very well. A month without unforeseen events in this regard.

Family and Friends
The family will be important to you. Your children and your partner are your priority. You want them to be happy, to find their stability, and to take care of their health. You will worry about the possible contagion of Covid-19 and you will get heavy with the health measures to take.

Your health will be fine. Your energies will be high, but watch out for your strong character. You will need to relax. It will be a month in which you will take care of yourself mentally-spiritually-bodily. You are going to get even more practicing and attending seminars, to prepare yourself and maintain your physical and mental balance. You start a stage where you want to change things, to find happiness.

If you are a student, whatever your level, you will do well. After the Holidays you will easily pick up the pace and focus on your studies. If you take tests or exams during the month, you will get good marks. If you are an adult, you will be fully immersed in reading spiritual, religious, alternative medicine

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