Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for March 2020

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for March 2020

A new month begins and the truth is that, in part, you were looking forward to it. We are in March Aquarius and your season came to an end very recently so, you still drag energy although, everything must be said, it is coming to an end in many aspects already …

There is something that has been stressing you for a few weeks and is that, you cannot fall asleep … It is complicated because when there is something that worries you, you can not get it out of your head with anything. Quiet / or because this month, things will start to go much better than you expect what you worried about will be only in the anecdote.aquarius monthly horoscope for march 2020

On March 4 Venus enters Taurus. You will need to focus on your things and start to spend a little more secondary problems that besides, even you are not looking for. Come on Aquarius, if something makes you happy and you like it, stay there. And focus on putting all your strength into it without third parties crossing your life to bother you.

There is a person who is very close to you who needs too much support. But you can’t split in a thousand and that bothers you a bit. It seems as if you did not have the right to be exhausted. You are also in many ways but you try to look forward and solve almost all the problems that arise.

Well, you also expect that from others. That they tell you, that they lift you when you are bad and above all, that they bother as little as possible …

On March 9 Mercury ends retrograde with him, also the good news Aquarius begins to arrive. If there is something you were waiting for, it will come. Also, there is a full Moon in Virgo so, you will see things much clearer and you will feel that you have not made a decision, even if the decision has been a bit harsh. There are cards to put on the Aquarius table, to start from scratch.

In the middle of the month, towards the 16th, Mercury returns to Pisces and you must review what your disappointments have been lately instead of sinning again in the same. Look at things from outside Aquarius, get the information you owe and don’t repeat things when you know it’s wrong.

There is an important emotional burden on you. Something that you have not yet passed, that has not healed and that has not healed … Give yourself your time, you do not need to do everything quickly, you do not need to do it all now. Some things require a lot of time to pass, and you need to have peace … And that’s the time you have to wait. Everything happened for a reason and now you will see it.

At the end of the month, when the Aries season begins, you’ll see how everything you’ve done so far has been worth Aquarius. Finally, you will see how the seeds you have been planting begin to bear fruit. You will smile a lot, more than ever, there is a lot of work ahead but you are finally achieving your goals and your goals. A beautiful road arrives for you, everything hard has been worth it.