Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for the April 2020

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

In April for the Aquarius horoscope, it will be a month with ease to change everything. The most important thing will be to work, family, spirituality, love. Lucky numbers for April: 1-2-7-8-15-16-17-25-26-27-28.

Love will go very well, with a rather fun and steamy relationship. Your libido will be through the roof and you will find that you are in the ideal moment to have it. If you are single, you will be flirting with a foreigner, who lives far away and that you recently met, before the pandemic. Video calls work miracles!aquarius monthly horoscope april 2020

You too have gone through a very complicated phase because of how much the sentimental sector is concerned. Only a few days and exactly 3 days this month and Venus is finally favorable in heaven again allowing recovery in love but only if you have not done too much damage.

Indeed if in the past, with the square of Venus, your love story has entered a very important phase of the crisis, this new astrological step cannot do much and does not allow you to find a good harmony and therefore, considering that Mars It is in your heaven, the problems can continue and maybe even increase.

If instead, the old transit of Venus does not create major problems in the relationship with the person you love, then this period will be very beautiful, full of emotions and especially eros.

Indeed, Mars allows you to be like lions under the covers and the level of attractiveness and seduction will be so high that lonely hearts can also succeed in new encounters and new courtships. In any case, it is necessary to be attentive to the nervousness and tension that could especially create some family discussion on April 12.

Work and Money
Having Jupiter behind you and therefore in your twelfth astrological house means having an excellent friend who helps to solve various problems at work level, but this month some new transits in the sky allow to progress very clearly at work.

Indeed, Mars always with you offers a frown, energy and the desire to work hard to achieve various results, while Mercury on April 12 and Venus on the 4th of the same month, offers several opportunities to win and achieve economic success.

Those who are looking for a job have to make conversations after the first 10 days, sending their CV because the phone could ring very soon. If instead you already have an optimal job, incomes can increase, the number of clients can increase and new contracts, agreements, collaborations can start and be truly positive for the professional future.

Awards and gratifications, a sense of freedom that allows you to enjoy greater harmony in the workplace with colleagues and dependents. Good luck with real estate and financial investments.

Very happy period because many planets are favorable in the sky and their transit allows you to live a very happy phase of your life, full of joys and a more good inner balance.

At this time spring enters your hearts and a sense of freedom and independence increases, providing the opportunity to change your life or continue with the one you already have but in a much more serene and satisfying way.

On a physical level, it was very good, although the energies that Mars gives have to be exploited and do not remain within you. Then you do sports, you walk or run a lot, you go to the gym and you unload all the tension but above all, you do romance because, with Venus also positive in the sky, love is a launching pad to achieve happiness.

Optimal issues, legal problem solutions and in any case if you have a problem, Jupiter allows you to overcome each obstacle with simplicity and without making too much effort.

You also have to travel for work rather than for fun because just during a trip and especially after April 12, you could have a wonderful emotional or work meeting. Little luck to the game but don’t spend too much money.

Family and Friends
Social life will be inactive due to isolation by the Coronavirus. You will want to see your friends and you will have it with group video calls, to chat about everything and laugh for a while. You will also want to travel. Of course, this month you will not be able to leave home, but you could find and organize a trip when this is over. Look at Traveling. Here you will find trips around the world and explained in great detail: what to do, what not

In April the family will be the most important thing for you. You will focus on them, to help them organize themselves, you will listen to their problems and you will make this confinement much more bearable for everyone. This is how you will find peace and your emotional balance. When you are well at home, the rest of the things will do well. You will probably redecorate it (in case you lack ideas).

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