Aquarius Monthly Horoscope March 2017 with predictions

Horoscope Aquarius March 2017 and its predictions

This month of March the Aquarius will have as important theme finance, home and family. Lucky numbers: 5-16-23
Love Aquarius March 2017

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In love you will do well, although money and love go hand in hand the first fortnight. You will be united to your partner by love and by money. The second fortnight the dialogue is revived and seduction and love reappear in its pure state. If you are single, you will meet someone special the 2nd fortnight. You will seduce him with your charm and with your intelligence. It could be a tutor, teacher or someone superior to you intellectually.

Aquarius work March 2017

At work you will continue to do very well, but other fields will have priority. You will work hard, as always, but it will not be as important as other months. Relax and take care of other fronts.

Aquarius Money March 2017

Money will be very good, the economy will smile at you and everything comes out and the money comes easily. Your partner supports and advises you financially and this gives you security. At the beginning of the month, you could form a company or set up a company. You could sell a house or enter into negotiations to sell it. Do not be in a hurry, April would be the best time for you.

Aquarium home and family March 2017

The family and the home, need your presence, your advice and your love. It is at home where you will find your emotional balance and if you pick it up and keep it, business or work will do better for you too. It scared a little in the life of your children, have problems that do not tell you and are not able to solve by themselves.

Aquarius friendship March 2017

Friendships are your forte. You will be well in touch with friends. You need to catch up on all that concerns you. Your opinion is important to them. Stay with them to eat or to take the Tea and you will see how you feel at ease.

Aquarius Health March 2017

The health will be regular, but you will be able to with everything. You will be more tired and less energized than usual. Exercise and do not overwork, to give your body time to recover.

Aquarius studies March 2017

If you are a student you will not have it as easy as last month. Tiredness will prevent you from giving up intellectually as is your custom. Do not be nervous. Little by little you will get up to date and study as is your custom.

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