Aquarius Monthly Horoscope November 2019

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope November 2019

In November for the Aquarius horoscope will be a great month. The most important thing will be love, work, money, and social life. Lucky numbers for November: 3-4-5-13-14-22-23-28-29.

You should not miss too much affection in November when Venus favors all sorts of connections! Whether sentimental, friendly or simply relational, there is no doubt that you will use your charm to win the vote and why not get the support of your loved ones to set up or finalize a life project that is important to you! Starting from the 26th, it’s time for reflection and for going back and forth to sort out between essential and superfluous, you can rid Aquarius of negative emotions that pull you a little too far and slow down your evolution!aquarius horoscope for the month of November 2019

Love will be good for you this month. If you are in a couple, everything flows, you breathe love and romanticism and the dialogue is good. If you are single, you will be attracted to influential people, smarter than you, with whom you can learn and help you in your profession. The crush could arise with someone, which will leave you flashed and you could start a super passionate relationship with someone.

As a couple, be careful this month of over-pulling the rope, asking more of the others than you do not impose on yourself. If you think that your projects and intentions are the priority over those of others, you are wrong and could bite your fingers (24)! Prefer to pass your messages smoothly and perhaps qualify your remarks to clear a way out of the crisis around the 28!

Single, if you are currently crossing a turbulent family, try not to add a layer around the 24th where you will certainly have a little too much to do at your head and put your interests before those of everyone. Be careful then to conflicts that could arise or degenerate. Go on the 28th for a more psychology approach to each other and problematic situations. Especially by looking at them from the inside rather than taking them up!

Social Life
Social life will be very active. You will interact with important people, who will favor your profession. You know, even if you don’t feel like it, you’re interested in dating and rubbing shoulders with people, who can propel you to success. Your great power of communication and your sympathy will make you gain followers and will open the door for you in environments that are not yours. Maybe this month you have to invite more people at home than you want.

The work will be excellent and successful as usual during the last years. Your great communication power, your incisive and dynamic way of conducting business, always lead you to success. Your contacts favor the advancement of your profession and your company or projects.

Money and Luck
Your economy will be fine throughout the month, but it is not a period to invest or make decisions regarding money. Do not buy anything expensive this month. Although you have money to spare, you are interested in being more thrifty. In the last week of the month you will have a strong discussion with your partner, about the way you spend the money.

Family and Home
The family will be fine and you will have the feeling, that you are rich, for the great level of well-being that you will have at home. Things will be good for your child and will make a lot of social life. He could live his first love and it is convenient for you to be close, to advise and support him. The problem is that you will be very independent this month and it will cost you to find time available for your family.

Health will be regular this month, but you will accuse the fatigue of so much work and social life. You have to rest as much as you can, so you don’t feel exhausted. Beware of accidents! It’s a month to take it easy and not risk anything.

If you are a student you will be fine. You have taken the direct one from the first moment and the studies are going great. Keep it up and your grades will be excellent.

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