Aquarius Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

This October for Aquarius will be moved. The most important thing will be to work, family, and social life. The lucky numbers for October will be 6-7-15-16-17-18-23-24-25. The future is extremely interesting and attractive, like a magnet. Also, it is very difficult to characterize our attitude to him unequivocally: then we try to find out about him, then we are afraid of any information about him. However, more often we show interest than a denial that is why horoscopes are the most popular among them, the language that the stars speak to us about the future. A variety of horoscopes on love, finances, money, family, health in October 2020 for Aquarius, read below.

If you intend to reap the fruits of the efforts you have been making, you will have to bet on that patience that usually accompanies you on very few occasions. If you do, the benefits will be many. This advice will be valid both professionally and romantically. Taurus, Leo, and Virgo will be excellent partners for the workplace. Aries, Cancer, and Aquarius will stand out in the themes of the heart. Among his friends, he will frequent Libra and Scorpio. With Gemini, he will try to restart the dialogue, which will only be possible in the second part of October. Sagittarius will show their anger by avoiding answering their calls. It will be waiting for you to apologize.aquarius monthly horoscope of october 2020

For Aquarius, it will be a conflictive month of October since emotional intensity does not usually please them too much. Mars in Virgo, in its VIII House, will awaken in them a very strong love, which in the case of the most repressed and excessively mental, more than a gift from heaven will be a punishment. At the same time, he will have to face someone who will play dirty on him, probably a man. If you do not want to be an accessory to some injustices, you will have to join forces to speak very clearly and remove the impostor’s disguise. As always, you will be afraid that your commitments will give you freedom, but if you assume them, it will be an October of unprecedented progress and great projection.

Aquarius Astrology October 2020
Aquarius is alertness, subtle logic, penetrating insight, and restlessness of spirit, despite passion, stimuli, and uncontrolled movements of the heart. Everything in its place. The scenario changes compared to the previous month, as the opposition of Venus in Leo ends and a notable improvement will be felt. The Sun and Mercury in Libra, from a professional point of view, will be magnificent. Saturn in Sagittarius will help you solve fundamental issues, as well as problems or knots from the past that finally dissolve. This, obviously, can be related to affective issues, which go to meet other goals. Everything is lightening up and everyday duties are becoming almost a pleasure. Also, the idealizations and confusions of love are appeased bringing the sentimental life to a substantial balance, with some fantastic and spicy variations that will only serve to fill your soul.

Aquarius Predictions October 2020
The natives of Aquarius will focus their energies on the workplace. Very satisfied with what they are doing, they will garner praise and unconditional support from their associates who will value their achievements with sincerity and admiration. On a personal level, many natives will have the opportunity to start a coexistence or to formalize a very long relationship. In any case, the retrogradation of Mercury will generate delays and postponements in the professional field and all kinds of procedures.

If you are married or in a relationship, you will have to make a little effort. The distance between you is not good for the relationship. Try to get closer through dialogue. A few outings the two of you or a getaway could serve to bring you closer again. If you are single, you could meet someone interesting at work or through work. If you travel abroad, you might meet someone right for you.

The contradictions finally disappear. Everything becomes clearer in his eyes, so much so that he loves everything about the relationship, what he wants to change, and what he wants to happen between the two of them. The luminous Mercury in Libra brings alertness and Mars in Virgo infuses overflowing energy and determination. Great erotic impulses are promoted within the stable partner and also sudden attractions by others. The sentimental sphere will be like a trip to deep and very intimate places.

You will enjoy one of the best times of the year for your sign. Relationships that seemed impossible will become reality. Some natives will decide to formalize their romantic ties and others will initiate delayed coexistence. In the case of Aries, your lover will be carried away by the current of harmony that will be established between them. Cancer will magnify inconsequential misunderstandings, forcing Aquarius to redouble his scant patience. In another Aquarius, you will find the understanding you so badly need. Pisces, on the other hand, will be more susceptible than usual.

Even when they will be very busy in their work activities, the Water Bearers will be inclined to live intense romantic encounters. This will be a behavior that will provoke, in those Aquarius natives who are in a relationship, a valuable approach with their soul mate and an excellent level of communication in privacy. The key for this to happen will be in the equitable distribution of your time between work responsibilities and emotional commitments. Those who do not put a limit on their work will have problems in their relationships.

Enough of companionship and tender friendship! The important thing will be the skin-to-skin dialogue, the secret desires, the torment of jealousy, the desire that can never be satisfied, the infinite thirst for caresses, and orgasms. It will be days of merging into the other. Difficulties will put the bond to the test since they will expose the real situation of sincerity or distrust that sustains it. For those who are lonely, it is important to avoid promiscuity. Those who are in a relationship should avoid violent scenes at home and, if they have a secret romance, be vigilant because they can see them, give them away and spoil what they have.

Social Life
Your social life will be active. You will strive because you will realize that it is interesting for your work. Profession and social life go hand in hand this month. Even your partner will help you with your work.

This month of October you will do very well at work, especially if you dedicate yourself to sales and everything that has to do with writing (writer, journalist, community manager). Your practical sense will give you the necessary arguments, to be convincing when it comes to convincing customers. It will be a month of progress whatever you do. Use your charm and your social skills. To keep progressing you need to do more social life.

You may discover unsuspected affinities with coworkers. Mutual esteem will increase, and it will offer you ideas and encouragement for improvement. Also, rivalry and differences of opinions may arise with a partner that could be somewhat picky. Order and organization will be the means you will have to rely on for professional success. Mercury in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius make you think big and broaden your horizons.

No getting impatient. Aquarius will do well to wait until the second half of October to act. Only then will the good results appear as if by magic and the difficulties will disappear. With Taurus, it will be the differences that separate them that will cause such a balance that the economic benefits will follow. From the second fortnight, the prestige of Aquarius and his Leo partner will grow and with it the arrival of excellent opportunities. Since Virgo always manages to mold reality to their needs, it will be convenient for Aquarius to listen to their advice.

The favorable position of Venus and Mars will make this month one of the most satisfactory of the year for the natives of Aquarius. They will have, at the same time, a very good physical condition and a boosted vitality that will further facilitate their achievements in the workplace. The restless spirit of the Aguadores could propel them to new job options; In these cases, it will be convenient for them to make contacts that link them with people related to their projects. Very good time to start activities different from those you do daily.

It will be an excellent working month of October, especially until the 20th. Recognition, a lot of activity, constant help, favorable transactions, and, at the same time, a very pleasant working environment … even though a colleague, a victim of the lust for power, will try to harm you. To avoid taking risks, choose your potential partners or collaborators coldly. Do not mix work with pleasure, although for many natives it will be almost impossible to prevent a very passionate romance with a partner who will declare their passion. The last week of October will be the best for teamwork.

As for money, you will be the same as the previous month. There will be no changes. You will have the same money inflows and there will be no unexpected expenses.

It will be a very active month with a lot of family life: meetings, activities, and interesting talks. You will be very open to talking to everyone, but they will not be so willing on your part. You will have more than one fight. You will be able to transmit joy and animation to your entire family nucleus. Thanks to the Sun and Mercury in Libra, you will be much more communicative and will be able to dialogue, understand, and clarify pending issues as well. The bond with the children will be excellent and the desire to spend more time with them will lead him to share free time, interests, and entertainment. The point that hurts and worries him the most is the financial aspect since the money is not enough to carry out all the projects that he wants to carry out.

You will be in good health and with a lot of energy. It would be very good for you to follow a cleansing diet, drink lots of herbal teas, exercise daily in the open air. If you need to lose weight, this month it will be easier. Many Aguadores, following the advice of a health professional they trust, will choose to treat the ailment that affects them through surgical intervention. Both non-invasive treatments and those carried out in an operating room will obtain the expected results. In any case, they must make more than one consultation to ensure that they will undergo the treatment that is best for them and that it is possibly the most positive for a speedy recovery. Everything will be fine and they will soon forget about it.

They will find themselves under strong emotional pressure and the impact will generate almost unbearable stress. What will do wonders for them is recreation, being with friends, doing a team sport, taking air and sun. Disconnecting from work problems will contribute to your well-being. Men, especially young people, will also have to take care of diseases, as it will be a time of great lack of control and frequent intimate encounters. Women are probably a bit calmer, but the recommendation applies to them too.

You will be in a position to discover the unreasonable actions that some of your friends have been doing behind your back, regardless of the damage they could cause you. However, the good times will be common again from the second part of October. Social gatherings and group activities will take place without interruption. With Gemini, the dialogue will be truncated during a good part of October. Libra will make an exception and during this stage will accompany her friend every time she invites her to share her sports activities or weekend trips…

Regarding studies, it will be a good month in terms of your willingness to study, but there will be confusion in colleges, institutes, and universities about the study plan to follow.

Astral Advice of October for Aquarius
It will be very important to pay attention to your finances, as well as any agreement or negotiation. It should be clear what each person contributes. Try to bring to face your fears and know who to associate with.

The ideal of life and beautiful energy to communicate this month Aquarius friend! The Sun in Libra until the 22nd, invites you to review your higher conceptions, to make some modifications. Mars in Aries increases your mood, travel, and desire to communicate. Venus favors your romances until the 3rd then activates a strong intensity at the same time a bit destabilizing from the 4th to the 28th. Uranus in Taurus comes to play spoil in your home, your family, slow process and adaptation, first decan. You are continuing your financial reorganization, second decan. Always installed in your introspective sector, the heavyweights of the zodiac emanate their regenerative and essential messages, the last two decades. Your mind is completely turned towards your socio-professional destiny until the 28th of your sign, possible anxieties. From 23 to 31, the greater importance of a vocation.

Loving panorama: The relational openness will be clear all month under the influence of Mars. However, your mind a bit tormented by Mercury in Scorpio until the 28th suggests a bit of discord within your relationships for lack of hindsight. Also, focus your energy on the emotional intensity that Venus offers you and let go of negative thoughts. Soften your brain!

If you are in a relationship: The monthly energies push you to move, to change your daily life, so pack a suitcase and go on a romantic trip, success is guaranteed! Exchanges with your partner may not be lukewarm, but who would want that? Certainly not you! Your desire will be powerful, live love.

If you are single: Until the 22nd, a meeting is still possible during a trip or a block party. Your feelings could be complete and more powerful than your habit. Unless lightning strikes, it’s not easy to live off you, 1st decan! The advice of My Horoscope for the Day: It is a month without any problems, the planets in the presence slowly breathe their energies. However, enjoy the support of Mars, all month to start beneficial contacts or live stimulating tonics and trips. Autumn begins between reflection and action.

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