Aquarius Monthly Horoscope September 2020

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope September 2020

This September for Aquarius will be very slow. The most important thing will be your relationships, love, family, and social life. The lucky numbers for September will be 1-2-3-9-10-18-19-24-25-26-27.

If you are married or in a relationship, you will have a good month. In the first 3 weeks, you should avoid confrontations or else you will spend the day arguing. It is evident that you do not think the same about many things, but avoid arguing. The last week, the atmosphere changes and you will stop facing each other, to share good times and take things more laughingly. Romanticism will prevail. If you are single, you will have many opportunities to meet people who are interesting to you. You could fall in love with a foreigner or a teacher or guru… You love people, who not only attract you physically but also have things to teach you.aquarius monthly horoscope september 2020

Social Life
Your social life will be very active. You will want to go out, see your friends, meet new people and travel abroad. You will interact with all kinds of people and all levels. You will also have meetings or dinners at home. You want to entertain them and feed them. Your friends can benefit you professionally and introduce you to interesting people.

This September it will progress extremely slowly. Do not be nervous, because as a result of this stop, problems will arise, which you will be able to solve. Take it on the positive side, take the opportunity to project and plan your profession for the future, to be more perfectionist in your work, to analyze your work, and to look for new ideas. Use advertising and Social Networks to advance your business

Money and Luck
As for money, you will be worried and spectacle. The current situation is uncertain and money does not flow as usual. Do not make any important expenses, be cautious, and wait until next month to make decisions. You will dedicate yourself to thinking about new businesses and new ways to earn money.

Family and Friends
It will be a very active month with many people in your house. You will do many family gatherings and invite your friends back home as well. They will give you work, but you will have a great time. You want to chat and laugh. Have a good time!!!

You will be in good health and with lots of energy. A health problem will arise, which although it may seem alarming at first, it will not be. Exercise daily and drink plenty of infusions and water. You will feel fit.

As for your studies, you will do well. If you are a student, you feel like studying, despite the world situation and uncertainty. If you are an adult, you will want to study something new: start a career, recycle yourself and of course read. You are very interested in religion, spirituality, and science.

Venus urges you to serve the community at the beginning of the month, to round the corners, and, from the 6th, invites you to stay in tune with each other. It is up to you to take a step towards those you love and who expect a lot from you. You redouble your efforts and kindness to open constructive dialogue and get everyone to agree. Take advantage of the influence you exert on the other, Aquarius friend, to seduce and close ranks.

1st decan (January 21 – January 31): Active undeniable charm!
Take advantage of a temperate sky in September to play with your charms and get closer to your loved ones between the 6th and the 15th: Venus facilitates harmonious exchanges and allows you to transmit your messages without problems. Hurry to act because, from the 26th, Uranus sows a bit of disorder in the family by making one last race and pushes you to liquidate what it must be to find the place that suits you best.

2nd decan (February 1 – February 10): don’t stray from others!
You develop your family ties and free yourself from the codes that restrict your freedom to be and act. You benefit from support in the shadows so that things change harmoniously. Venus also invites you to stay tuned between the 15th and the 24th. Your goodwill may be enough to ease the tensions that pollute the family environment, but a legal problem and conflicting debates interfere in your discussions on the 17th.

3rd decan (February 11 – February 18): Consider others!
You navigate your inner perceptions, your intuition to get rid of the scum of the past, and superfluous emotions. You redouble your zeal to overcome the fears and blocks that hinder your development, but do not cause a short circuit in everyday life, you remain courteous and attentive to those around you to continue your work in-depth, the transformation is accelerating. On the other hand, she advises you to be cautious at the end of the month when, if you think you are above all, you will fall from above. Get your messages across smoothly and renounce any excess of authority that stubbornly breeds you.

Do not turn against yourself, stay connected with the world around you to constructively manage your family ties and your inner turmoil.

The first week
The 1st, you know what to say to make a difference and transform your world, discreetly, but effectively.
The 2nd, the full moon invites you to develop your potentials, to redouble your goodwill to melt the resistance that is difficult to identify. As a family, some useful strategies to change a tense situation.
The 3rd, bet on your talent, your intuition to overcome fears or complexes that prevent you from being completely yourself.
The 4th, it is by redoubling your zeal and your strategic initiatives that you will be able to keep the debates open, not attacking those around you.

The second week
The 9th, shadow advisors help you make the right decisions to accelerate your transformation and get rid of the elements of the past that weigh on your personality.
The 11th, try to clearly define the means you have to evolve without putting yourself in danger.

The third week
The 14th, you move towards a better knowledge of yourself, towards the emergence of a personality with free and full expression.
The 15th, stay in tune with the family so as not to end the day disappointed with the result.
The 17th, if you are right to be ambitious, take care of those who defend your interests and listen to their recommendations. The new moon invites you to negotiate and develop your situation and your exchanges in a constructive way. Use your deep resources to overcome the often unconscious barriers that delay your development.

The fourth week
The 21st, if your aspirations to free yourself seem legitimate, avoid expressing them in a confusing or even excessive way.
The 23rd, to convince those around you of your ability to achieve what drives you, express your expectations unambiguously so that there is no doubt of your good intentions.
The 24th, offensive, and a bit aggressive don’t count on winning the votes using the strong method, we don’t like your displays of authority.
The 29th, listening carefully to others will pay off and if you persist in continuing without qualifying your approach, prepare to end the day and month badly.

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