Aquarius Today Daily Horoscope Wednesday 9th August 2017

Aquarius Today Daily Predictions Horoscope Wednesday 9th August 2017

It is possible that due to the effluvium of the Scorpio Moon and your ruler, Uranus, retrograde in the fire element, you feel something nostalgic remembering who is now not by your side. Try to overcome that state. Fortunately, your Aquarius sign is full of potentialities and you know how to get out of the trials. You will have trouble putting yourself forward and finding and then capturing the attention of your audience. If you isolate yourself today, you will deprive yourself of satisfactions, you need exchanges.

You begin to feel inspiring effluvia that will help you to put your emotional life in order. Someone you’ve been doing business with for a long time will try to get in touch with you to restart a partnership that will help you get your finances back on track and get back in control of your economy. The full moon puts you in the front line and invites you to take into account your desires and needs to try to answer them but not without taking into account this month the desires of others!aquarius daily horoscope 9th august 2017

You will recover the land that you lost and what you wanted to become a reality, even with whom you least expected. You will have the opportunity to show your true nature. And at the same time, to take away a thorn of your foot!

There is an intense tone within your love life because there are many things you want to do. It seems that time does not reach you which tends to create states of anxiety that can affect your digestive system.

This Wednesday directs your energies towards activities that are to your liking and so the time you spend in your work will be stimulating and creative instead of becoming a burden that bothers you. Your luck seems far away, today, the current hassles do not threaten you in any way.

There is nice news inside the finances and your money sector, but you must assimilate them to take them fruit and take full advantage of them without letting you be manipulated by clerical salesmen. This day will be quite confusing at the material level you risk to engage in a way too utopian.

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