Aquarius Tuesday 23 May 2017 Today Daily Horoscope

Aquarius Tuesday 23 May 2017 Today Daily Horoscope Predictions

Today the Moon is in Aries. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the Pluto remain retrograde. This Tuesday focuses your attention on what is really important, not on the superfluous. Concentrate on the solution of your problems and you will see how you find solutions, Aquarian.

Your life is transformed and the passion of the past is now just an image and possibly it will have turned to ashes. If it affects you, do not even feed your memory and open yourself to this new stage of love that you are now experiencing.

You will have different options in front of you, it is time to channel your energy in the right direction and not let negative and entangled people envelop you with your problems and take away the joy of living.

You will understand better the sentimental intentions of those around you and you will enter your moment of romances, end a conflictive relationship and enrich your love life. However, as there are retarding influences in your horoscope, you should be very cautious before taking a definitive solution.

If on previous occasions you have suffered from flu attacks it is advisable that you go to a center where you can get vaccinated. The current cycle for your sign Aquarius favors foresight, and by putting on your part you will maintain your health. Avoid exposing yourself unnecessarily to the elements.

In this astrological cycle your mind is in a creative phase and you must take advantage of it in a constructive way in your work doing something new or improving the way you perform your daily activities. Those who supervise you or are above you hierarchically will value you greatly because your Aquarian ingenuity and creativity will not go unnoticed.

At the time of investing your resources I am very selective, Aquarian. Do not be guided by the advice of ambitious or greedy people who only look at the money as you could lose in a business with such people.

The world offers us wonders and you have to start admiring them, you have not stopped to look at how good it is around you and you have to be more aware of it, a walk in the city or a trip to the countryside could be a good Solution for this.

A person who is a member of your family will have a problem, probably health, which will make everyone very aware of how it develops, it will be very slight, do not worry.

It is likely that you are losing the ability to see how beautiful life gives us day by day, you better try to discover how wonderful the world has to deliver.

Start to take care of your health much more, you are leaving this.

Do not let the problems of day to day make you stop being aware of what happens in your work, in your home and in your relationship.
Lucky numbers for today: 1, 13, 27, 38, 39, 46.

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