Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 12th June to 18th June 2017

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Predictions 12th June to 18th June 2017

It starts a very positive week in the feelings for Aquarius. You’ve been alone for a while, and that loneliness was heavy on you. However, during the next few days you will change your attitude towards your current sentimental situation. You will learn to enjoy the good things that have to be single and uncommitted. You will enjoy very pleasant sexual encounters with couples that will be transient but you will no longer feel guilty about it. Love will come within a time to your life but in the meantime, learn to fully enjoy each of the stages of life.

In the economic and financial field, the people of this sign will live a week in which they will tend to abandon the passivity in which they have been submerged during the last months. Although your productive activity is going well, you know that some reforms and restructuring are necessary. The stars advise you not to rush too much, it is okay to leave passivity but it is not correct to go to the other extreme. Always think before acting.

In the labor field the natives of this sign will live a difficult week. You are very dissatisfied with your current job, you do not feel that your efforts are compensated either economically or at the level of personal recognition. For this reason you will be in a bad mood and an isolated event that will occur during the next few days will exasperate you even more. The stars advise you to avoid fighting with people of a higher hierarchy than yours.

Week Astrology
Mercury in Pisces is beneficial for you, you easily reach an inner serenity with. Between your desires and reality, the gap fills and you discover a margin of action to build your projects. But you tend to restrict yourself to a circle of limited knowledge and thus cut off opportunities for evolution.

Aquarius : Weekly Horoscope 12th June to 18th June 2017

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope 12th June to 18th June 2017
The influxes of Mercury and Venus push you to changes in your way of everyday love, to express your fantasy much more, which you will do without difficulty while respecting the limits of the daily life of your existence and that of your partner. On the other hand, you will be tempted to put too much fingering to talk about your current personal hassles to your partner. It would be a shame to hide things, you are likely to become a bad, which can cause you conflicts later on.

Aquarius Weekly Work Horoscope 12th June to 18th June 2017
Your relations with your superiors are improving positively this week of June 12th. New influences inspire you and lead you to consider new perspectives, in directions that you know little yet. But your aplomb allows you to consider a career change sometimes radical, which deserves all your care. You range from impatience to change and fierce fighting, as part of everyday work.

Aquarius Weekly Money Horoscope 12th June to 18th June 2017
Planetary influxes make you more hot in the face of temptations to spend. Jupiter still preserves you from the worry, which you can solve with external supports, wise advice, often related to people older than you. It is also time to go and call to order those who owe you money, do not hesitate not! Your strength of conviction is acting for important purchases in the long run.

Aquarius Weekly Health Horoscope 12th June to 18th June 2017
Your psychic form will be fully there, this week. Your creativity and your mental spring are announced to the beautiful fixed, which will facilitate ideally your recovery nerves, especially if you are on vacation. On the other hand, a certain heaviness and slowness are felt on the body plan, you will need to spare yourself if you are led to make long walks in particular.

Your week
The Sun and Mercury encourage you to make contacts, to knock on doors, to solicit interviews if you are looking for a job. The benefits should be positive. You may receive interesting proposals.

Your weekend
How about a highly erotic weekend? This is the promise you made Venus in Taurus on good terms with Mars. If you have the plan to expand the family, these two days will be perfect!

OurĀ advice
Use your sense of strategy rather than that of authority to solve small difficulties you might encounter. Gifted to maneuver, you will manage without difficulty to carry your boat where you want.

Tips of the week
Professional and social advances are favored, real estate purchases, transactions of any kind. Your instinct opens up new horizons that enrich your life. Fullness, mental clarity are at the rendezvous but do not be fooled by those who pose as victims.

In the spiritual realm and personal growth, people of this sign will live a dangerous week. There will be a tendency to get carried away by anger and fury. You will have some discussions with relatives during which you will say things without thinking that will have important and drastic consequences for the future of your family life.
Color of the week: Blue.
Numbers of Luck: 10, 12, 16, 37, 44, 47.
Best day of the week: Saturday.
Better compatibility: Sagittarius.

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