Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 12th to 18th October 2020

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 12th to 18th October 2020

Aquarius (born between January 21 and February 19): On Monday the 12th, harmony, and calm are perfect for you; thus you will be able to mature your affections and know how to decide without hesitation, the decisions. The important thing is to put yourself in the shoes of others and show your sense of humor. This will make those around you happy and fulfill you.

On Wednesday 14, you will feel very fortunate because you will be able to get what you have planned for a long time to go forward. And this will give you a great “High” and will also make you very happy. On Thursday 15, some doubts will arise in your usual or romantic relationships. Ask, with courage, and you will leave doubts. Your heart will tell you if it is true or not. Since you will have a lot of perception of “Skin flower”. And so you will have greater peace of mind, later.aquarius weekly horoscope 12th to 18th october 2020

On Friday the 16th, you will need to use your work to mediate and use justice; mainly with your great empathy and with people who need it. On Saturday the 17th, to avoid suspicions, you should treat family issues with enough affection and a lot of tranquility. Remember that sincerity can also be sweet and kind. And on Sunday it is important that you have great intuition and sensitivity to capture others, and what they express.

Aquarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

You start the week of October 12 in a climate of assessment, you still have thoughts to carry out before you can launch effective actions to start again. But patience is lacking to you, you sell the skin of the bear before having killed it% u2026 Several projects are jostling, take the time to launch them in order, your entourage will support you in your initiatives.

You will find better self-confidence, good intuition, and great ease of expression. You have the time and the desire to fine-tune the details, to reinvent your future. Make way for communication and novelty! You make profitable your achievements with beautiful inspiration. You make wise decisions and keep a low profile, stay the course!

You are looking for leads likely to offer you good career development, you do not give up, this week is starting auspiciously. An unfailing motivation, fruitful contacts, a very good relationship, the machine is on. This new week marks a new beginning, you could be at the head of a surprising project or of a more than a profitable association.

Rest is essential. You will regain your full vitality but you tend to go too fast, to want to make up for lost time. A strong need for movement pushes you to increase exchanges and movements. Also take care to keep in touch with yourself, take regular breaks in your social life.

Money and Luck
Peace of mind and groundhog sleep! Indeed when the money goes, everything is fine, isn’t it? This will be your case this week, you will go from success to success, a nice professional development coupled with a salary increase, invested income that arrives at the right time, more than profitable investments, well done! Your financial flair has struck again and with a masterstroke this time!

You run several hares at once without ever getting tired. Where does this incredible energy come from? You approach a broad smile. This beautiful shape does not leave you all week long. You are dynamic and motivated, which allows you to get ahead if you have ongoing projects or projects to achieve. You could go to the spa or treat yourself to an original outing to relax.

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