Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 13th April to 19th April 2020

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 13th April to 19th April 2020

Mercury temporarily crosses a friend sign. A period which will greatly soften your living conditions and most of your exchanges.

Existence rediscovers for a time a rhythm that suits you, the unspoken, positively interpreted and a kind of universal benevolence that can only strengthen your self-confidence.aquarius weekly horoscope 13th april to 19th april 2020

A beautiful sky sprinkles your road with starry dreams and sensual realities. It greatly promotes communication. It’s time to make virtual meetings. You undoubtedly seduce your interlocutors fascinated by your verve, your sensuality, and your devastating charm. This sky will watch over your loves this second week of April.

Even if you are not asked to do so much, you are determined to do your best to meet the needs of your hierarchy. Your work is rewarded, you receive the honors. This week is marked by luck, the more you gain notoriety. You defend a project, we follow you in your ideas, you have carte blanche, for you, it’s a very nice satisfaction.

It is an excellent opportunity to unleash your creativity in complete safety, to indulge in the sweetness of life and to maintain privileged exchanges with your loved ones. These good dispositions will rub off on your social life, cooler and adapted to your methods, a real opportunity to progress in the hierarchy.

Money and Luck
From a financial perspective, everything is fine. Suffice to say that you are one of those who are spoiled. The celestial menu resembles that of a banquet with multiple delights. In other words, your road encounters perspectives and opportunities that should not be missed. Be attentive and relaxed at the same time, the stake is worth it.

Love and grace accompany you, do not dispense you, now that you are entering a less miraculous period, to maintain your form so that all these benefits are not wasted according to your mood. Enterprising and enthusiastic, you sometimes neglect to take the necessary precautions.

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