Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd November 2020

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd November 2020

Aquarius (born between January 21 and February 19): On Monday 16th, you should be able to balance your emotional world. Since luck will be with you if you avoid tensions and are kind of heart. If you act like this, everything will come out “to order.”

Tuesday the 17th is a special day for your creations, but maybe a bit difficult for the people around you. You have to achieve more understanding and gentleness with others. And put yourself in their shoes when you go to perform. Wednesday the 18th is a day to do good deeds. And to feel more union with other people. It is as if the hearts beat in unison in a joint melody. It will be like being in paradise.aquarius weekly horoscope 16th to 22nd november 2020

On Thursday 19, you will be able to make important deals, but you have to take into account your way of expressing it. And you will also have to pay close attention to details. On Friday the 20th, dose your vitality so as not to deplete it quickly and save a little for other tasks. Your great creativity will help you to innovate important ideas; which will give you a lot of satisfaction.

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On Saturday the 21st, it seems that the universe agrees that you have sympathy and generosity. And you will know how to use your sensitivity with others. Be calm because you want to do everything quickly and this causes some tension. And Sunday is a day to be able to solve issues with the couple and with those friends with whom you form associations or common goals. It is important to reach favorable agreements for all.

This week your enthusiasm for life will be such that there would be nothing in the world that could stop you. And it is certainly not the principle of reality. You have before you some great days that should fill you with satisfaction. But pay the same attention if you receive any gratification since your improvement and personal development program is not finished. Make no mistake, so don’t make your wishes for real. A conflict that will break out between those around you will allow you to show your talent as a mediator. You are in good shape because you have resisted certain cravings, now give time to your private life. A major change is in sight. Whether it’s the breakdown of an existing relationship, someone coming back from your past, or a disagreement with your partner, the matter will need to be resolved delicately.

Aquarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Today you will realize that you cannot trust certain people even if they are very close to you. Perhaps you have talked about your intimate things with a co-worker and now there are many people aware of your misadventures. This hurts you and although in this specific case you can no longer avoid it, you still have time to fix the mess. For now, play down the issue, do not show yourself angry or upset because you will make it even bigger. And from today remember that flies do not enter a closed mouth. It wouldn’t hurt to put a little distance from gossiping people either. In the field of love, do not be worried because in the last days you are fighting with your boy. Love is not a straight line, it is normal to have some discussions, the important thing is that the feelings remain intact.

The atmosphere of the exchanges of recent times suited you but it will change with this transit. You will have to deal with a lot of new things, you will be forced to change your methods and adapt to less traditional, more surprising, even eccentric communication.

You patiently build your projects in an atmosphere of relational confusion. You rely on your common sense to stay the course without losing your means. Let go of your emotionality and choose perseverance. You have a little trouble positioning yourself in the face of romantic feelings and ideas that seem perfectly chimerical to you.

Rather, bet on the future and your long-term plans to win your case. You have a vivid imagination and a compelling desire to innovate, to break out of the mold. But before you go for it, carefully plan your strategies and make sure your bright ideas are understood if you want them to be followed.

It’s up to you to make the most of this harvest by putting your planning and finances in order. It is also up to you to accept the necessary and useful limits, deadlines, and constraints. Soon, circumstances, luck, the chance will open up many new doors for you.

Money and Luck
By balancing income and expenses you get your accounts afloat. You don’t restrict yourself but you are careful not to go over your budget. You don’t particularly want to burden your mind with material matters. Regarding the state of your finances this week of November 16 you are calm, you have no apprehension, all is well. You have strong backs to turn around.

Tone and fiery here is a great program for this week, you won’t miss it. You approach things with a big smile, it’s like nothing has been forced. Your energetic character prompts you to multitask, you love to move and be busy, and you are very rarely tired. A beautiful euphoria allows you to accept life as it comes. You attract the positive.