Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 17th to 23rd December 2018

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 17th to 23rd December 2018

You do not need to make any special effort to make yourself pleasant with those around you. The pleasures of life are available to you and they will be much tastier if you share them with people you particularly like. Stay as available and attentive as possible, this week surely has more to offer than you might think.

This is the right time to leave your home if you hope to please a person of your choice or if you want to make interesting meetings. You can also invite guests to enjoy the comfort of your home, according to your possibilities. In any case, it would be a shame to stay alone during this period full of sensuality.aquarius weekly horoscope 17th to 23rd december 2018

Choices are needed this week of December 17, whatever your situation, the stars will promote double situations, flirtations, situations of seduction this week. Do not be surprised to discover new desires, to feel even more a need for escape, more intensely than in recent months. Your emotional sky will stabilize, you will be more deeply inclined to enjoy love in a traditional setting.

Your serenity is combined with your firmness of direction, in your professional life. You better control external events and relational turmoil to turn them to your advantage. Your tactics will be a shock asset to advance your goals. The end of days will not be a luxury to relax. The aspects of Venus and Mercury will generate favorable circumstances for the recognition of your talents.

Money and Luck
Your projects are hogging you this week. Chance smiles on you in the form of meetings, for all that touches the stone and its negotiations. You will have the right intuition in the financial field. It’s a real riot of work in sight, but you will not complain. Sure of you, you are moving in the right direction. The intervention of friends will be an important support in the financial field. Listen to the advice without rejecting it from the start, you have everything to gain.

It will be the perfect form for you this week. The first three days announce an upsurge of your emotions, easier awareness, important decisions follow. This will mobilize your energy, but thankfully, you will not miss it. Only abuse of work, mental agitation, screen, study can hinder the balance of your metabolism this week.

By Mary Emma

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