Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th November 2019

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th November 2019

You are particularly tense and your stress is contagious, do not be surprised if your entourage tries to discreetly flee your presence. The more you try to fight the obstacles, the more you get tired. It might be better to get around them rather than face them, but you lack the subtlety to find practical solutions this week of November 18th.

Hang on to the last rays that illuminate your most secret wishes because the sky now exposes you to a few setbacks. It’s over, light flirtations, dreams of wide open spaces, distant horizons and exotic adventures. You suddenly face tensions that exasperate you. You seek in vain to escape the impasse.aquarius weekly horoscope 18th to 24th november 2019

Fantasy and the unexpected spice up your resolutions but also serve your goals. Use a favorable situation to feed your plans and win votes. Your social climb should not suffer the disruption that shocks your home. Invest wholeheartedly in developing a career plan that matches your ambitions.

Do not seek to lead others, you will only get enmities. You are not confident enough to convince others and your energy is unstable. It would be more prudent to take your time to fulfill your obligations, even if it takes a little delay, it is better than risking exhaustion, stress or awkwardness.

Money and Luck
An arduous financial situation creates tensions that will lead you into an unwanted situation. Instead of believing that everything will work out over time, you must make an energetic decision. This week you have the opportunity to make a difference. On the other hand, it will require you to take your courage with both hands to accept it. That done, you will find this much hoped comfort.

The sky nourishes your creativity and strengthens your appetites. Try, in spite of your greed, to consume with moderation to enjoy for a long time the good form that accompanies you. To preserve your health and your morale, lower your guard a little and opt (at least temporarily) for compromises hoping to reach the perfect deal.

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