Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 19th to 25th October 2020

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 19th to 25th October 2020

Aquarius (born between January 21 and February 19): On Monday 19, when you feel fullness and today you have to do it with close people, and demonstrate it in a more evident way. Later you will notice that everything is reciprocal.

On Tuesday 20, you have to balance the forces within you to reach a successful solution with a close person who has asked for your help. Put a lot of heart and you will be right. On Wednesday 21st, you must use positivity for performances that happen without waiting for them. You will have to help close people, but then you will have great happiness, after doing it. On Thursday 22nd, your fortune is close thanks to your sensitivity. To succeed in relationships of all kinds, you must use love and generosity. You can do it easily, because you are like that, normally.aquarius weekly horoscope 19th to 25th october 2020

On Friday the 23rd, your emotional instability hinders the results you seek, even if luck is with you. If you calm down and let everything run its course, it will be done more quickly. On Saturday 24, you will have to choose between enjoying personally or in a company, with someone like you. Reserve part of the day to organize those dreams and enjoy it to the fullest. And on Sunday it is important that you can help that close person who needs your support and advice.

Aquarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

There are many planets in water, the element that represents an emotion, and this makes Aquarius a bit uncomfortable since they tend to disconnect from feeling when it becomes a little intense. But they can do nothing against the cosmic forces that insist on attending to the emotional world. If they accumulate feelings, they may find themselves crying and feeling strange sadness, some without properly identifying them. What is accumulated and retained can come out suddenly, in the form of some existential crisis. Do not disconnect and do not get full of activities to cover up your feelings, let them flow, share them.

A very strong feeling could make you change your opinion regarding your professional life or your relationship with your partner. Take the time to think about it before making any decisions. Avoid impulsiveness or you will regret it later. Stay calm and act objectively. If necessary, take a few days away to reflect.

You will find that your common sense is guiding you in the right direction. Some would call that luck, but it’s just that you’re more rational. It seems that you are looking for your way. A dream or a very strong feeling could make you change your mind when it comes to your professional life or your relationship. This week it would be nice to meditate on the matter, but without making a hasty decision. Write down your ideas and impressions to have all the elements in hand or mind when the time comes. Stay calm and give yourself a few days to reflect.

You will be particularly titillated by the transit of Mercury, of which you will be able to find social unrest and superficial chatter. Like the retreating hermit, you will not always be able to shirk your social obligations. You must make an effort to listen to avoid any misunderstanding with your interlocutors.

You are more receptive, you listen better, you are more tolerant and your relationships are affected. If you are single, dating brings you a lightness that you lacked and this week is rich in exciting encounters. You put aside your intellect to experience more intensely the sensual pleasures that are within your reach.

You have new ideas in terms of creation, you test them on your entourage, if they are receptive you have a good indication, you can then consider getting started, if their reaction is mixed, you are still working on the subject, you strive for perfection. Your career is moving in the right direction, if doubts are present, trust your loved ones. This week you have a lot of leeways.

With the transit of Mercury in the square, you may be faced with too much lightness and frivolity in your conversations, which disturbs your focus on the goal! So indulge in a bit of chatter without consequences, but put off any important decisions until tomorrow.

Money and Luck
A particularly flourishing week of October 19 is ahead! Your fixed income allows you a few nice spreads unless dividends from successful investments are timely to replenish your bank account! Finally open yourself to financial ease, to a relationship with quiet money, indulge yourself with the specific satisfaction of not putting your wallet at risk! Do you still want to change your car?

Heaven strengthens your financial and physical resources: take advantage of its good dispositions to strengthen your relationships. This week of October 19 makes you draw on your vital forces and you have to approach it gently to spend it in good shape and without losing too much energy in probably avoidable conflicts.

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