Aquarius Weekly Horoscope From 20th to 26th February 2017

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th February 2017

Work: Building a heritage, gaining wealth, living in prosperity and abundance stands on fundamental foundations that are true feelings, and a path of sincerity with oneself. Be sincere with your dreams and your circumstances.

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Find support in your circle of co-workers, it is very possible that you live with your eyes closed and your heart lonely because you do not know how to look good … Do not allow the intervention of third parties, outside the circle of work, in your business. As good luck will be on your side, you can make commitments that would not be advisable at another time. Follow your instincts and judge yourself by your convictions. Avoid passion and speculation.

Love: The anger will be over and tranquility will return in love. Finally came the turn of being able to rejoice harmoniously with his partner, with intimacy and dialogue. Those who are single have the opportunity to find the person to share their days with, the great possibility is to find a partner within their work circle. Recognize your real needs, and love yourself a little more each day. You will be rewarded by your partner, if you look a little more at everything she does and sacrifice for you, put yourself in her place. For singles this can be a close relative or a true friend … Examine the need for your partner to make some trips together.

Health: Disproportions of your food and drink can lead to greater ills. The gallbladder could become the organ most ill of this abuse. A friend or relative can help you through this period. Make healing statements: I am happy and complete, I find my true path through total sincerity. During the week you will have the great crossroads of repaying a very significant favor from the past. Do not neglect this need of Karma, since the provider must receive so that the wheel of abundance is not interrupted. Mood changes caused by the Moon, and negative effects of certain poorly planets.