Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 20th August to 26th August 2018

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 20th August to 26th August 2018

Mercury may jostle you a bit in your routine. The delicate and sweet atmosphere that colored your relations with the outside world gives way to a more dynamic climate, made of sometimes muscular exchanges, hectic traffic and chance encounters. The world will seem to you abnormally agitated and the exchanges often too fast for your peaceful temperament.

There is a good chance that you will isolate yourself from this excitement by focusing on your personal, intimate or friendly life. You are also in full possession of your resources on the physical level and it is in your daily activities that you escape at best the stressful and controversial effect that Mercury induces in this opposite sign.aquarius weekly horoscope 20 to 26th august 2018

Choices are needed and make their urgency in you. You will be confronted with situations that require a clearer affirmation of your values, hopes and desires. Your entourage will not be able to do otherwise than accept your desiderata. It is not excluded that you lack patience! It is expected an upsurge in your taste for pleasure and your libido. These moments of passion will be an excellent antidote to heal from the past.

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You will quietly continue your merry way this week, in your professional life. This week is particularly conducive to abstractions, reflections of substance that concern your career in the long run. You will project yourself into the future, with greater ease and latitude. Your professional sociability is favored and if you seek support and collaborations, you will have facilities in this direction.

Money and Luck
You will be positively inspired in your professional life, this week of August 20th. Indeed, errors are obvious to you, but especially those of others. If you manage a team, you will have no trouble finding the weakest link, or the actions that have made you waste time this winter. It is the intellectual work which is most favored to you; the influxes of Mars bring you restrictions for all that is manual; bad weather, technical problems will make you slow down.

Your general metabolism is energized by the impulses of Mars and Jupiter. Indeed, you see life more lightly and this releases your energies in the sense of action and more openness to others. You start on top of the game, it’s a safe bet that you will have trouble staying in place! Movement, exchanges, festivities will be the best way to recharge your batteries.