Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th June 2022

You have great strength of character, except that you don’t know how to use this real asset. Take stock of the past weeks in case of doubts, get closer to the right people if you need advice. Phew, you regain control over a situation that escapes you.

Don’t make a decision without first thinking about it. The mistakes you have made, you hope not to make again, in any case, you avoid repeating them again. Some people are very inspiring to you, take advantage of their help without worrying about the rest. Lean on your intuition.


You now have full energy and optimal health, Aquarius. These positive points support all the others. You will do very well these days in the professional field. Perhaps there has been a change in recent weeks and everything looks like it will be fantastic for the future.

Your talent is highly appreciated everywhere and your bosses value you. This almost always translates into more profit. You would have to start saving for the not too distant future to have a capital that allows you to start a business that you already have in mind, be your own boss and free yourself from some ties that are now heavy to bear.

This week, if you know how to organize yourself, you will share work and fun in equal parts. Try not to waste. In love you can have a small altercation with your partner because he is suspicious of your fidelity. You like to flirt a little and this tastes like hell to him. You’ll have to figure it out.

You’ll be thinking outside the box this week, Aquarius, as Mercury moves into your 5th house. You could find your creative voice, or pursue new hobbies. You might also be reflecting on how you can appear more confident in social situations or when you’re out on a date. With the Full Moon in your 11th house, you will also be involved in larger group activities or getting together with your friends. On the other hand, you will realize what friends you want in your life, and what kind of community you want to create.

The planetary trends of this week push you to live new experiences. This atmosphere is captivating and gives you wings to reach out to others. You find yourself confronted with circumstances that allow you to better understand your sensitivity and your emotions. You realize that you did well to be patient.

You prefer to limit the breakage, rather than let your financial situation deteriorate, you are looking for emergency solutions. At the beginning of the week, good news announces a more promising financial future. You finally see the end of the tunnel, you find a little hope and it does you good, even your loved ones are relieved for you. The tide is turning in your favor, but be careful.

A general pressure oppresses you and takes away your smile? Take a break! You are the only captain of your ship and no one knows better than you what is good for you! It’s obvious but you had forgotten it, here is why your body comes in its own way to remind you of it. Pamper yourself to the fullest, massage yourself, relax, finally take some time for yourself!

This week of June 20 you could be offered responsibilities, results are expected of you but do you feel up to it? Before giving your answer, think about the future consequences of this, you have the right to refuse if you feel that you are not completely comfortable with the project. Make your choice without haste, discuss it with your loved ones, your well-being depends on it.