Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 24th to 30th June 2019

Aquarius Weekly Forecasts and Horoscope 24th to 30th June 2019

You encounter complex situations and you consider your difficulties differently by oscillating between realism and escape. Uranus induces a great need for radical changes that will have to be considered. But you may find yourself at odds with your emotions, trust yourself!

You do not have any problem to make new relationships, depending on your encounters. At home, you have every interest in organizing friendly meals with friends. Relaxations are on the program! You are radiant and love affairs could turn into serious stories. Open your heart without fear.aquarius weekly horoscope 24th to 30th june 2019

It will take a little before enjoying a serene sky because the stars are generally contrary. You must be careful of your mood movements that could lead to conflict with your superiors. It is likely that your social partners are pushing you on the path of war.

Take advantage of your need for renewal to dissolve the links that parasite you, you will avoid further trouble. You have the chance to unravel issues that you thought were difficult to solve, thanks to your strategies, your new ways of thinking and the doors you opened yourself.

Money and Luck
Although there are still many obstacles, luck helps you overcome them. However, do not bet on your lucky star to get by in record time. It is with perseverance and method that you will straighten the bar. This week is not the time to let your guard down or have a good time! Continue to invest in your business.

Do you take frequent breaks that allow you to step back, calmly assess the extent of the problem to be solved, but also to avoid decompensating by mortgaging your assets or spending wrongly and wrongly. If you have the opportunity, enjoy a break to breathe elsewhere and replace the full cup with a breath of fresh air.

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