Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 24th to 31st August 2020

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 24th to 31st August 2020

Aquarius (born between January 21 and February 19): On Monday 24th, you will have to help relatives or close friends and return the help they have given you at other crucial moments. This will make you feel full and satisfied. On Tuesday 25th you should vent that great energy that you have to release and “have fun to the fullest.” You will have to be useful to others and give your time; the one that others have lent you on other occasions.

On Wednesday, 26th, you have to delve into the tastes of your partner and your intimate relationships. Those details that you had missed are now evident and will help you make everything more harmonious and perfect. On Thursday the 27th put yourself in the place of your partner and people with whom you live so that you see that it is difficult to deal with you. You go a thousand an hour and sometimes you do not reach agreements on issues of balance between family and profession.Aquarius weekly horoscope 24th to 31st august 2020

On Friday 28th, you will have maturity and energy in everything you undertake. You should know that you are your only barrier. In the long run, confidence in the results is what has helped you with everything. Today you have the family on your side. And the weekend; On Saturday you have a lot of potential in your challenges and on Sunday your way of facing unusual situations will be at stake.

Aquarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

With Mars in sextile, a beneficial wind softens things. Your excessive side willingly turns to others and you will have great satisfaction through your contacts. Festivities and optimism are on the program. You can be more assertive, know what you want, and not let yourself get pushed around.

Memories rise to the surface to Accept your regrets, this is the best way to overcome them. You will avoid unnecessary complications that would have unfortunate consequences for your future love life. Put your questionable links into perspective. Don’t make final decisions this week, but think carefully about your needs.

Your energy is finally coming back! The beginning of this week of August 24 is a bit laborious but the more the days pass the more you will find your dynamism. If your professional development is stagnating, if you don’t have a specific project, a sudden change might surprise you. An unforeseen event thwarts your plans before you realize that you are getting anything positive from it, you have no other choice but to adapt.

But this slightly revolted climate titillates your emotional sphere and puts your nerves in the ball. You are therefore not immune to experiencing some power struggles and experiencing turmoil in your activities and your sentimental life. Learn the lessons and continue your journey without letting yourself be blamed.

Money and Luck
The importance of having fun is essential but this week it is rather time to save money. Your budget cannot be extended to infinity and you have used or even abused your bank card to satisfy your most laudable desires, your most eccentric desires. Now do your accounts carefully, talk to those around you, your inner circle is concerned by these salutary measures to save your financial life!

If you are feeling down, exercise (not to the excess of course) and fill up on vitamins. You will thus be able to curb the hold of a sky that is currently asking you to give up operating methods that have become obsolete and soon be reborn on other bases more in line with what you want to put in place in the future.

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