Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 26th October to 1st November 2020

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 26th October to 1st November 2020

To succeed professionally, you don’t have to wait for absolutely everything to turn out well in life, or every time an obstacle arises, as can happen to you today, you will be demoralized. Count on this being part of every process and the important thing is being able to get up when you stumble. Experience cannot be acquired in any other way. These days you have to take special care of your expenses if you do not want to go into trouble very soon. In the sentimental sphere, you may disagree with your partner about a trip or an outing that he wants to make. If you can find common ground and reach a consensus, this is the best way out. But if neither of you gives the arm to twist, let him follow his plan alone without getting angry.

You know that you tend to let your emotions show too much and that will make you much more vulnerable this week. Nor would it be very helpful if you were to back off from your partner to make him understand your feelings. On the contrary, she will appreciate that you allow her a certain space of freedom and for that reason, she will love you more. Give others a space to spread their wings. A slightly detached attitude would be almost better for both of you because it will allow you to develop your personality and affirm yourself in your postures. When it comes to relationships, be guided by your good sense. Venus brings harmony to the emotional terrain and things will run smoothly. Take the opportunity to resolve disputes and make concessions. If you are single, a fruitful encounter looms on the horizon.

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, opposing the Sun and the Scorpio moon, participating in the new moon, brings disruption, changes, a devastating lightning effect, which can be scary but only makes room for the new, for the future, for what must come. When we leave a fertile vacuum, the universe can bring us new proposals. These are times of minimalism and emptying and then filling with what wants to enter. The energy of the pagan celebration of All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween) brings its most archetypal spiritual and intuitive part. And the Scorpio new moon brings strong winds of change in their lives, positive and much renewal.

Aquarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

The general atmosphere does not suit your inspirations at all. You tend to impose your point of view because you don’t intend to sacrifice your desires. Unfortunately, the results of this method go against your expectations. Pride is a very bad counselor this last week of October, humility will serve you much more.

A lack of emotional security makes you irascible% u2026 Speaking from an open heart, in the greatest calm would be favorable. Unveil yourself! You will thus favor stability in your romantic relationship. Your quiet reserve attracts impetuous but also tiring people to you, who may ask too much of you.

An electric atmosphere stimulates you and boosts your professional dynamism! Suddenly you shoot down a mountain of missions in less time than it takes to say it and your morale reaches new heights of positivism! However, your resistance, mental and physical, is not inexhaustible, spare your strength a little if you want to keep some for other areas of your life. Are you sure that work is healthy?

Do not be too enthusiastic about the projects that are offered to you, even if you are sure of yourself. The difficulties and the constraints accumulate without your being able to remedy it and your optimism risks turning into rancid% u0153ur. Also, take care of your vitality by avoiding too intense efforts as long as possible.

Money and Luck
Administrative delays put you at the financial level, if you were counting on the arrival of a sum of money, it is not for now. Your financial situation is gradually improving, the actions of the past months bring some good news in the middle of the week. You then benefit from the return of luck, but before that, take your trouble patiently, no plan on the comet.

This week you may feel fragile, a bit gloomy, and easily discouraged! Your energy capital is not fabulous and those around you do not always support you. So, refocus on yourself, take care of your diet, your sleep, and ignore others for once! This drop-inaquarius weekly horoscope 26th october to 1st november 2020 shape shouldn’t last more than a few days, it’s up to you to manage it as well as possible. One man warns is worth two!

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