Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 29th May to 4th June 2017

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Predictions 29th May to 4th June 2017

A week full of intuitions, but in which prudence must be on par.

In the labor field, it is a very favorable moment, with good opportunities both for change, and to stabilize and settle in where you are at the moment. You have worked hard, and the reward comes, all your efforts have been taken into account.

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The students congratulate you as you progress in the study of your career. All that is new projects, are launched to success, but with a background study, since nothing is free.

It is necessary that you pay more attention to love, but I do not mean only that of your partner, if you have it, but to show more affection to all your surroundings, to any plane of your life. Do not listen to arguments or misunderstandings, let yourself be carried by your heart, only then you can overcome the bad situations that have been created.

Summer has already arrived, and although with effort it is possible that you can escape a few days with your own, it is time for laughter and that you are aware of all the good that you have around you.

You have dedicated yourself to live for yourself, to be alone in your inner world. You are in a stage of personal growth, in which you are taking note of opening up, and not being so closed, abandon that pessimism. Raise your head and look at everything you have around you.

At work, obstacles to solve the situations that arise. Bad decisions and problem solving. There are great tensions in the workplace that can lead to family problems, try not to take the setbacks of work to the home. You must learn to enjoy life more, the simple moments, the daily joys. Let the imagination fly, buy a fantasy novel and relax in that world, while reading leaves the problems and concerns at a conscious level, however the brain continues to work, but without the obstacle of their permanent pressure, fears and confusion … let work quiet To your brain as you become distracted by some science fiction. Keep your plans and projects private.

Love: Trust and know yourself for success. Calm moments today will be scarce, resulting from the great energy that the planets have to overturn the people of this sign, especially in women. This overflow should be very well addressed, in thoughtful and thoughtful directions. If you act unthinkingly you will only sow discord around you, calm down and try to listen to your partner’s proposals, in this way you will gain a great spiritual connection with your partner … Much sexual energy and desire to unfold all possible imagination. Spiny dialogue with same sex people!

Health: Recover, through an artistic activity related to your personality, the desire for beauty and the time that deserves to offer each day. Look good around you, this week will be good to connect fully with your reality and know how to take necessary actions and long ago postponed. His inspiration will not lack anything if he decides to make an artistic work. Art manages to delay time, take advantage of this intense spiritual period to make their gifts and gifts flourish. Next week you’ll need them as much as a healthy body, you’ll see! Take care of your diet, like regular schedules to encourage digestion and avoid problems.

The belligerence will print its seal in the week of the Aquarius. During the next few days there will be many fights in the pair, the stars advise you to avoid them as much as possible because those discussions will create an abyss in the relationship that will then be very difficult to remedy. Both members of the couple will be very tense nerves and if they discuss, there will be painful issues of the past that will not do any good to the relationship. The stars advise that during the next seven days try to be as far away as possible from your partner.

In the financial economic area, people of this sign will live a week in which they must overcome many temptations. You had an excellent idea for a venture and offered to one of your close friends who is your partner. To convince him you will be tempted to promise him profits that are in fact unreal. The stars advise you to tell the truth and no illusions to anyone with mere fantasies.

In the workplace, natives of this sign will live a week in which they will finally know what they want for their professional future. You were very confused during the last months, you did not find any area within your profession that you find interesting. However, this week you will be transferred temporarily within your company and thanks to this transfer you will discover your true vocation. From now on, the road will be easier for you.

In the family, the people of this sign will live a week of self-knowledge. For some time now you feel the need to explore within yourself and during the next few days the ideal opportunities will arise so that you can do it.
Color of the week: Yellow.
Luck Numbers: 12, 17, 24, 33, 42, 44.
Best day of the week: Tuesday.
Better compatibility: Gemini.