Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 2nd to 8th November 2020

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 2nd to 8th November 2020

Aquarius (born between January 21 and February 19): On Monday 2nd, you must regain the way you used to do everything, and thus pave the way for everything you do. Trust in your ability and that the simple path is always the most effective.

On Tuesday 3rd, you will want to express yourself in a direct and fast way. Pay close attention, because you should be kind and enthusiastic so that others do not think you are scolding them. On Wednesday 4th, you need to organize everything that no longer serves you and is taking up space in your home. You better give it away, give it away, Or maybe you resell it and get something extra for the necessary expenses.aquarius weekly horoscope 2nd to 8th november 2020

On Thursday 5th, your imagination will be very original, and if you are an artist you will be able to capture spectacular works. If you are not, it will help you solve the different aspects of the day. Your vitality will help you do everything faster. Friday the 6th, you move through perceptions and it is a day to take advantage of your powers and put your accounts in order. So you can start shortly, buy with confidence.

On Saturday 7th, you can put your original ideas into motion. You had that goal for a long time, but you always lacked time. Now is the ideal time to launch it; first with real friends because that way it will cost you less, and then you can show it to the whole world. And Sunday is a day to go on an excursion with close friends.

The moon transits your sign this week as its ruler, Uranus, makes an aspect with Venus. Freedom, always present for you, takes new directions and meanings, you feel more expressive, more authentic, and more prepared to break stereotypes and patterns that are already obsolete. They feel great empowerment and slowly this feeling of being different and strange takes on a new meaning and a new strength. This, far from making them feel bad, makes them powerful and original. Give voice to your creativity through writing, painting, art in general, show all your light and share.

Your emotional relationship will likely undergo some changes this week or, at least, you will question some things. Whether you have been with the same person for a long time or not, you may feel the desire and need to take a little distance to assess the meaning and nature of what brings you together. But please, nothing has to be necessarily dramatic or definitive, but rather to look at the situation in perspective. Someone will not only admire you but will approach you for advice on how to do something. Your ideas are taking shape, you will receive recognition for them and your self-esteem will increase.

Aquarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Your emotional life comes alive, opening up new horizons and new possibilities. This restlessness will pull you out of an overly predictable routine and open your heart to new possibilities. Meetings are likely and your plans are taking shape. It is a good period to increase exchanges.

Because of a love affair that turned sour, you are completely unsettled. Now is not the time to settle accounts or to get explanations. In the days to come, certain updates will allow you to have a new judgment on the situation. For the tensions to subside, you will have to rely on your great diplomacy and your immense power of seduction.

This week, you have a little trouble dealing with the moods of each other, at work, the atmosphere is not good. Instead of pissing off your head, you decide to take it upon yourself by adopting a behavior of indifference. The days are long enough, you don’t really want to work, you are demotivated. Things are gradually improving thanks to a more serene atmosphere.

Go with the flow (it’s your specialty!) And get your business in order. This is a great way for you to decompress, to learn to dialogue healthily, to make decisions by your partner’s opinions, and to experience a freer, more whimsical, less headstrong sensuality.

Money and Luck
Astral circumstances push you to spend lavishly for the well-being of your family. You coldly ignore the prices. Alas, to end the month, you are still going to have to make sacrifices. However, you can avoid this. This week of November 2, while you’re tired of watching your spending, stick to your budget. Resist outside influences that are laxer and keep your lifestyle.

What a week! Your energy decreases as your responsibilities accumulate, throw in the glove! Are you going to keep shooting your machine without worrying about the consequences? Make a realistic assessment of your energy resources with a professional, it is the right time, this week could become difficult for your physical and moral resistance. Welcome any help from those around you, you have the right to be tired!

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